What are Flexi-Option Modules?

Flexi-Option Modules allow you to "dip your toe in the water" without committing yourself to a full postgrad course. They are part of UCC’s commitment to flexible learning routes at postgraduate level. You can study single modules from a wide range of postgraduate courses, which will allow you to up-skill your previous qualification or to explore a new area of study.


What are the Benefits?

Whether you want to get ahead at work, or to get into a new job, or to study simply for interest and personal enjoyment, a single module from one of our postgraduate courses may be suitable for you. As a registered UCC student, you will have access to extensive library and research facilities and the academic stimulation of a postgraduate peer group. On successful completion of each module, you receive a transcript of results. This is your certificate of attendance and an official record of having completed the module.


What Can I Study?

We offer a wide range of Flexi-Option modules from across the arts, humanities and social sciences subject areas. Details about individual modules can be found in the university's Book of Modules. All modules are only available as Flexi-Options subject to the agreement of the module coordinator.


How Much Will It Cost?

There is an application fee of €35. The cost of each module is calculated as a proportion of the full fee for the postgraduate course that the module is part of (plus a small administration fee). Typically, a 5-credit module will cost about €500.


What is the Time Commitment?

The time commitment varies according to the timetable and requirements for each module. Classes normally take place during the day (9am–6pm) and are usually spread out over the course of a semester rather than in blocks. More details are available from the module coordinator; you'll find their name in the online Book of Modules, and their contact details by using the search facility on the top right of the UCC home page.


Will I Have to Sit Exams?

You will be required to undertake the prescribed assessment for each module. Assessment varies from module to module but will consist of written examinations, essays, portfolios, in-class tests, individual or group presentations, in any combination. Details of prescribed assessment are outlined in the online Book of Modules


Am I Eligible?

You can apply to study a Flexi-Option module if you meet the entry requirements for the bigger postgraduate course that the module is part of. Entry requirements for all our postgraduate courses can be found in the UCC online prospectus. In addition, you should check with the module coordinator that they will accept Flexi-Option students on their module, and that the module is not already over-subscribed. The name of each module coordinator is given in the online Book of Modules. Their contact details are available using the search facility on the top right of the UCC home page.


Can I Accumulate Credits through Postgraduate Flexi-Options?

You may take up to 20 credits as Flexi-Option modules per annum. A single module can be worth 5, 10 or 15 credits. Flexi-option modules alone do not lead to the award of a qualification. Nor do they guarantee entry into a bigger postgraduate course. If you successfully complete a postgraduate flexi-option module(s) on a specific postgraduate course, you may be eligible for exemptions if you subsequently apply for and are admitted to that course. Such exemptions normally apply within a maximum of five years, although for some degrees a shorter exemption period may apply.


How Can I Apply?

To apply for one or more Flexi-Option modules, please download the Flexi-Options Module Application Form (97kB)


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