PG7004 Master Class Module: Contemporary Theoretical Paradigms in the Humanities and Social Sciences

PG7004 Master Class: Contemporary Theoretical Paradigms in the Humanities and Social Sciences (5 credits)

Please note postgraduate research students are welcome to attend these Masterclasses BUT in order to gain credit for this module, students must attend at least 2 Masterclasses and complete the associated assessments.

  Date Title Location Co-ordinator
1 15.11.18 (pm) and 16.11.18    CACSSS Seminar Room, G27 O'Rahilly Buildng Dr Claire Edwards, Dr Maire Leane


  CACSSS Seminar Room, G27 O'Rahilly Building  Dr Marie Kelly
3 28.02.18   CACSSS Seminar Room, G27 O'Rahilly Building Dr Sabine Kriebel, Dr Katharina Becker, Dr Stephen Faust
4 TBC   TBC Professor Brendan Dooley

Module Objectives:

To enhance the doctoral education programme through a variety of classes designed to expose doctoral students across the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences to new frontiers of knowledge, by bringing prominent representatives of the 'state of the art' (supported by UCC staff) in contemporary interdisciplinary theoretical paradigms to UCC.

Learning Outcomes:

On successful completion of this module, students should be able to:

  • Describe the field of inquiry represented in the Masterclass(es), outlining its historical development, scope and methodologies.
  • Identify major theories and paradigms employed and define key concepts and ideas.
  • Apply theories and concepts and relate them to particular problems, issues and phenomena addressed in the student's own research.
  • Analyze aspects of the student's own field of inquiry and illustrate them in terms of theories and concepts presented in the Masterclass(es).
  • Explain phenomena and formulate particular research problems in terms of general theories presented in Masterclass(es).
  • Criticize topics and evaluate issues and debates in terms of paradigms & theories presented in the Masterclass(es).

Assessment: Two reflective essays (not more than 2,000 words) on the themes of two of the master classes.

Target Audience: PhD Students

Credit Weighting: 5 credits

How to enrol: Please email your full name, student number, programme and year of study (eg PhD 3 Archaeology) to Karen Coughlan at  Once you have completed the assignment for this module you will be registered for the module

PG7004 Masterclass 15/16 November 2018

  Researching Intimate Lives                         

                                        Hosted by the Institue for Scial Science in the 21st Century (ISS21)

Thursday, 15 November 2018 - G27, O'Rahilly Building, 5pm - 7.30pm

Friday, 16 November 2018 - G27 O'Rahilly Building, 10.00am - 3.30pm


Across the social sciences and humanities, there has been a steady interest over the past two decades in the study of the intimate sphere of people’s lives. From health issues and embodied experience, to relationships, violence, and identity politics, there is a concern with how political, social and cultural issues refract through people’s personal, everyday lives, and with examining the porosity and increasingly unstable boundary between what we understand as the public-private realm. This is particularly pertinent in an era of social media, where personal lives and stories are made increasingly visible as a tool for social activism and change. Given this interest, there is a need to reflect on cross-disciplinary methodological, political and ethical issues which frame diverse forms of research exploring intimate lives. This Masterclass will seek to examine and critically reflect on these issues by addressing the following questions:

  • How can we explore and represent the intimate sphere of people’s everyday lives?
  • What are some of the methodological debates and challenges associated with researching intimate and personal issues in people’s lives?
  • What political and ethical questions are raised for researchers in exploring intimate encounters and lives?

The Masterclass will be structured around an evening public lecture from ISS21’s Fulbright Scholar, Dr. Beth Sundstrom, and a full day workshop with presentations from scholars spanning a range of disciplines from art and creative practice to sociology and psychology. The Masterclass will have relevance to those students and staff across the social sciences and humanities, law and health-based disciplines interested in exploring the methodological and ethical challenges of researching intimate lives. Further information and associated readings for the Masterclass will be circulated in due course.


This Masterclass is open to doctoral students from across CACSSS and UCC, as well as interested staff. Students wishing to enrol in the Masterclass for the purpose of credits should contact Karen Coughlan at Further information about the Masterclass can be obtained from the convenors, Dr. Máire Leane ( or Dr. Claire Edwards (

PG7004 Masterclass 27 November 2018

Performative Practices, Theatre, Disability and the Arts

Tuesday, 27 November 2018 - G27 O'Rahilly Building - 9am - 5pm


Further infomration will be posted here soon.

PG7004 Masterclass 28 February 2019

Material Matters

Thursday, 28 February 2019 - G27 O'Rahilly Building - 9am - 5pm

Further infomration will be posted here soon.

PG7004 Masterclass TBC

Health Humanities


Futher infomration will be posted here soon

How to Self-Enrol on Blackboard

In order to submit the assignment you must self-enrol on Blackboard for the module.

Instructions for Students to Self-Enrol on PG Module

Click the Courses tab at the top right of the screen >

Click Browse Course Cataloguein the Course Catalog box on the right and select the exact search settings below:

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The module code must entered exactly (without spaces), and then click GO to the right of the code.

This displays a page listing the module.  Students must hover their mouse over the module code and click the down arrow that appears, then click Enroll.

Type the necessary Access Code 1718PG7004 in the box displayed and click Submit.

Click OK on the lower right of the screen when the Successful Enrolment message displays and the module will open for you.

These steps only need to be completed once.  Following successful enrolment, the module will then display automatically in your My Courses listing

If you encounter any difficulties please email


To gain credit for this module, you must submit two assignments – chosen from two of this year’s Master Classes.

All assignments should be max. 2,000 words long.

Masterclass 1 – 


  • Write 

Masterclass 2 – 


  • Explain 

Masterclass 3 – 


  • How

Masterclass 4 – 


  • Write 

Submission Procedure

Submission in via Turnitin on Blackboard. 

The submission deadline is TBC

If you experience any difficulties uploading the assignment, please email for assistance.

If you have any questions about the content of the assignment itself, or you would like to discuss your work, please contact the coordinator of the relevant Masterclass co-ordinator

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