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The College of Business and Law has launched new research fund including the Research Strategic Development Fund, the Research Excellence Fund (Publication) and the Research Excellence Fund (Conference). These Funds are aimed at stimulating and rewarding new and existing research in the College, support and reward high-quality research publications and dissemination at leading international conferences. These Funds support the key priorities in the College of Business and Law’s new Research Strategy and UCC’s Strategic Plan which emphasise research excellence and quality publications.



The College of Business and Law Research Strategic Development Fund (CBLRSDF) aims to stimulate new research areas and activities while also maintaining and supporting existing areas of research strength in the College of Business and Law. 

Applications are accepted from individual researchers and research teams, from any single discipline or with an interdisciplinary focus, across the College of Business and Law’s Schools, Units and Research Centres.  Applications that have a wider University impact, including the potential to foster interdisciplinary research and collaboration or to leverage further research funding, are strongly encouraged. Early career researchers are particularly encouraged to apply to this fund.

It is expected that awards ranging from €1,000-€10,000 will be made. It is envisaged that grants will provide seed funding for new projects, on-going projects and support for grant applications to national and international funding agencies such as Irish Research Council, Science Foundation Ireland, Enterprise Ireland and H2020. Eligible costs include but are not limited to: purchase of books, funding empirical or interdisciplinary research, the convening of workshops, research assistance, networking visits, grant preparation etc.

Applications will be subject to internal and external grading and final decisions will be made by the CBLRSDF Panel.

The deadline for submission of applications to CBLRDSF is 4 pm Friday 29 June 2018. Applications are to be submitted to

The CBLRSDF application form can be downloaded CBLRSDF Application Form 2018.

All applicants should read the CBLRSDF Guidelines document 


Research Excellence Publication Fund (CBLREPF)

Those who published in 3* and 4* journals in the ABS list will receive up to €3,000 and €4,000 respectively (over-subscription may lead to lower grants).[1] Authors of UCC co-authored publications should submit separate applications, which will be considered on a pro-rata basis.

Articles that have been accepted for publication from 27 Feb 2017 to 28 Feb 2018 will be eligible for the grant – date of first full acceptance via journal editor notification will determine eligibility. Max reward for any one individual is €5,000 (funding dependent).

The application form can be downloaded here CBLREPF(CUBS)FNL_ApplicationForm2018.

Applications are to be submitted to the by Thursday 31 May 2018

For Law

this fund will stimulate high-quality publications. The funding is open to all Law staff and awards of up to €3,000 per person will be made. Applications will detail:

  • the publication plan, including the target journal, reasons why this journal is a prestigious and appropriate target
  • timeline for publication and expenditure
  • the purpose for which funds are needed (including but not limited to: purchase of books, funding empirical or interdisciplinary research, publication-oriented workshop, research assistance, marking buy-out, networking visits, etc.)
  • whether funding is being sought from other streams and why supplementary funding is needed

If the Fund is oversubscribed the amount granted may be lowered and/or applications may be evaluated. If evaluation is necessary applications will be graded as Exceptional (5), Excellent (4), Very Strong (3), Strong (2), Moderate (1), Insufficient (0) based on the following criteria: Publication track record in previous 12-18 months; prestige of publications to be targeted; viability of publication plans. The selection committee will be chaired by the Chair of the College of Business and Law Research Committee, Director of Research in Law School, two Law School Professors and the College of Business and Law Research Manager.

[1]1 A special case can be made for non-ABS high impact journal publications for equivalent status and this will be adjudicated externally on a case by case basis.

The application can be downloaded here CBLREPF (Law) Application Form 2018 

Applications are to be submitted to the by Thursday 31 May 2018


Research Excellence Conference Fund (CBLRECF)

To support lecturer and senior lecturer staff to attend leading international conferences a €500 Award is available. Eligible conferences are on the CBL Leading International Conference List which has been developed by the Research Committee with input from Schools and Departments. There is an expectation that Schools/Departments will provide matching funding to these awards.

Application forms can be downloaded here  CBLRECF Application Form 2018

Applications are to be submitted to the by Thursday 31 May 2018 and agree to the outlined Terms and Conditions.



Once you have been informed of the receipt of awards from either fund the following rules apply:

1) Receipt of College of Business & Law Awards must be acknowledged by return email within five working days issue of the Award. 

2a) For CBL Research Strategic Development Funds (CBLRSDF), contract assessment forms (Appendix Cs) need to be completed by signatories (applicants and co-applicants) within ten working days post Award acceptance. 

Contract assessment forms are to be returned to the Research Office in hard copy with original signatures in order to process setting up of research accounts.  Contract assessment forms are at

2b) For Research Excellence Awardees (Publication and Conference) claims will be made via Dr Seán Lucey.

Awards must be used for the purpose for which they are requested.  Should there be any proposed change to the purpose of the Award please contact Dr Seán Lucey immediately.

3) It is essential that CBL Awardees provide a brief but comprehensive account of the outcomes of via a project report.  Project report templates will be made available by the CBL Research Committee.  Failure to complete a report will result in ineligibility to compete for future Awards.  CBL Reports must be submitted within 12 months of the date of the Award letter.  

4) The CBL must be acknowledged on all publicity including presentations, conferences and publications where CBL funds have been used. 

Funding from the CBL cannot be used to support staff employment contracts. However, CBLRSDF funds may be used to cover hourly occasional staff to undertake specific tasks, provided these are set out clearly in the proposal.  It is essential that use of CBL Awards is compliant with the UCC policy on the recruitment of hourly occasional staff accessible at this following link: Occasional staff UCC

All applicants to and recipients of the CBL Funds are required to maintain and update their IRIS profiles and complete their consultancy returns.

College of Business and Law Research Strategy (Working) CBL Research Strategic Plan 

College of Business and Law Research Funds Presentation CBL Research Funds Presentation

Download Example Budgets from this link Sample Budgets

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