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GoCar - Car Sharing Club about to start in Cork

16 Jun 2008

Last year Cork City Council had been doing a feasibility study on setting up a Car Sharing Club in Cork. There also had been a presentation on the general idea in UCC in March 2007, as some of you might remember. This study has now borne fruit:

Starting in early July, Ireland’s first Car Sharing Club will get operational in Cork, under the brand of “GoCar - Cambio Ireland”.

What is it?

Car Sharing is a scheme to provide occasional access to a car for people who don’t (want to) own one. Or it can replace a second family car. This sort of scheme (also known as Car Clubs) has been operating successfully in many parts of continental Europe, the UK and North America for many years.

Once subscribed to the scheme, people can have access to a car they need on short notice. The use is charged by the hour and by mileage (“pay as you drive”). Vehicles are located at several car sharing stations throughout the city. Hence, car sharing provides a more convenient and flexible access to a vehicle compared to traditional car rentals and is meant for those who need to get a car more frequently, but not on a daily basis.

N.B.: Car Sharing is NOT to be confused with the UCC Car Pooling scheme (formerly also named “car sharing”), where members of staff share the journey to work in one car at a time.

UCC will be one of the launch customers for the Car Sharing scheme (others being e.g. Cork City Council), in order to provide its members of staff access to a car for work purposes. Therefore two cars will be located right next to Campus (being one of three initial locations around Cork city centre).

You can also avail of the scheme as a private user, as it is open to anybody (conditions regarding age and driving license apply).

GoCar is about to hold information and briefing sessions for everyone interested in the scheme, hosted by UCC, on the three following Wednesday evenings:

Wednesdays (18th, 25th June, 2nd July), 5.30-6.30pm, ORB 101 (O’Rahilly Building).

All are welcome!

For more information, see press release attached.

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