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ESB Failure at UCC 17th Dec 2013

18 Dec 2013

At 1743hrs Mon 16th Dec, the electrical power, serving the entire Main Campus, UCC, tripped out, on 'Earth Fault'. This was a Sudden and unforeseen failure and was quickly traced to a fault in a UCC underground  MV Electrical Cable serving the Main Boilerhouse, Windle Building and Agresso Prefabs.




This faulty cable was isolated and mains power restored to the rest of Main Campus.


A UCC Portable Generator was deployed late Mon 16th Dec to provide alternative power to the affected buildings and this generator provided normal electrical service to the Main Boilerhouse, Windle Building and Agresso Prefabs on 17th Dec.


Further urgent investigation and repair work was progressed on this faulty underground MV Electrical cable on Tue 17th Dec.


Specialists needed access to full length of the Faulty Underground MV Electrical Cable, and therefore it was necessary to keep the back gate to Kane (from Gaol Walk) closed on Tue 17th Dec.


We appreciate your co-operation while we dealt with this issue.



Paul Prendergast

A/Buildings Officer


Buildings and Estates Office

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