Where to Recycle

Recycling at UCC - General

Many of the items used in your home/office on a daily basis that end up in your bin each week can be recycled. The benefits of recycling include a cleaner environment, the safe disposal of hazardous materials, greater awareness of excess packaging and a more careful approach to the way in which you use and re-use materials.

Over 5 million tonnes of household and commercial waste is disposed of by local authorities and private contractors in Ireland each year. One of the costs of disposing of this waste is the creation of landfill sites where domestic and commercial waste is buried and can take many years to degrade. Recycling your waste reduces the volume of waste going to landfill sites. In addition, recycling and composting your waste also has the knock-on effect of helping you to cut your weekly domestic waste collection charges.

To help facilitate the recycling of products and goods, many items carry international recycling symbols that will help you identify how the product can be reused and how it should be disposed of safely. There is a range of recycling services and facilities in UCC so we hope the entire population of both staff and student, will help make UCC an environmentally friendly campus.


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