Recycling in UCC

Recycling in UCC

The University is committed to reduce the volume of waste generated and to increase the proportion of that waste which is recycled. We endeavour to implement sustainable resource management practices based on reduce, reuse and recycle principles. The University will strive to reduce the acquisition of new materials, re –using existing materials and increase recycling to the best possible standards. All waste will be disposed of in a manner consistent with statutory requirements and a documenting procedure implemented. We will use this site as a platform so all staff and students can stay continually informed on the University’s waste policies and procedures. For further information or suggestions please contact

Recycling Policy

New Recycling Policy for Staff 

In an attempt to capture as many recyclables as possible we will be changing our current system.

Currently in all Departments we are operating the clear bag/black bag method. The clear bag is located in the office while the black bag is in the canteen area. Under this system, the clear bag is for paper/cardboard while the black bag is for all other waste. This two bag system will remain the same, however... 

The clear bag is now a CLEAN DRY RECYCABLE BAG

This means that, similar to the system used in your homes you can now put cans, plastic etc in with the paper and cardboard. For a more detailed list please look below. There is also a printable poster you can laminate and put up in your canteen to remind staff. 

Also should you need an extra clean dry recycling bin for your canteen please e-mail 


Extra Recycling facilites for Students 

In an attempt to capture as many recyclables as possible we will be changing our current system. Under the new system all Kylemore canteens will have a CLEAN DRY RECYCABLE BAG in which you can place all your cans, bottles etc. We will also be putting recycling bins near the shops on campus. These bins will be well marked. 

The initial scoping process is detailed in the below presentation:

UCC Waste Strategy (967kB)

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