UCC Energy Initiatives

Night and Weekend Energy Saving

We request all staff to co-operate with us in conserving energy, by switching off electrical equipment that is not required to operate.  The Buildings & Estates send out regular emails on Fridays reminding staff to switch off equipment, example of same, Energy Reminder.

Appliances such as Lighting, Laboratory Equipment, Fume Cupboards and PC's should be powered down / switched off in the prescribed manner by the responsible user/operator of the equipment. 

This is particularly important at evenings and weekends to decrease the very high night usage. It is also safer to have electrical equipment powered down when not in use. 

This action will: 

  • Reduce the UCC carbon footprint
  • Extend the life of the equipment
  • Save money

Your co-operation in this matter would be greatly appreciated



Positive Impact Green IT Management

Positive impact Green IT Management has made in Computer Centre managed library, teaching and open access labs

Personal Computers (PCs)  for use by students in libraries, teaching and open access labs managed by the Computer Centre, BIS and Computer Science are scheduled to automatically power down each evening (if users have failed to manually power down their computer after finishing). An analysis of power trends before and after the initiative revealed noticeable energy savings. It is estimated that such an initiative will capture €15k P.A. in electricity savings. This highlights the importance of switching off your PC and monitor when finishing work.

The carbon dioxide wasted as a result of leaving one PC on overnight for each day of the year equates to the amount of CO2 absorbed by 11 broad leaf trees.

Will you remember to power down your computer and monitor today?

Energy Champion

Energy Champion Profile

  • The person will be required to spend some time dealing with energy issues at the outset of the programme with Buildings & Estates staff to develop a plan for the building/section.
  • Ideally the person should have an interest in Energy Management for the building/department.
  • Be the person to liaise with Buildings & Estates Office and attend meetings/updates with them as required.
  • Communicate with all occupants of the building and disseminate relevant information
  • Assemble an energy team for the building.
  • Develop and co-ordinate energy efficiency actions in the building and request suggestions from the occupants.
  • Conduct energy team meetings
  • Record energy efficiency actions taken and by whom
  • Organise presentations/lectures to be delivered by Buildings & Estates and other bodies. 

Example of people solutions 

  • Switch it off!!!
  • Reduce lighting levels where appropriate
  • Report out of hours lighting not required e.g. Car Parks
  • Last to leave policy
  • Don’t use screen savers
  • Turn off PCs
  • Cooling – no lower than 24 degrees
  • Heating – set thermostats correctly – 20 degrees 

Example of Energy Programme - Biosciences

LAMA award

UCC Winner of LAMA award 2013, Best Energy Efficiency Project

UCC has been awarded the LAMA award 2013 (local Authority Members Association, in association with Irish Public Bodies IPB) in the category of Best Energy Efficiency Project for its "implementation of the Internation Energy Management Standard ISO 50001" as first University worldwide.

UCC were nominated by Cork County Council for the awards, recognising UCC's approach to responsible energy management as part of their overall environmental strategy.

UCC recognise that their activities impact upon the environment through their education, research, infrastructural development and their influence on the wider community of which they are a part.  The University is particularly mindful of their environmental responsibilites in local, national and global terms.

In the prize giving ceremony on Saturday 26th January 2013 in Dublin, moderated by RTE TV host Miriam O' Callaghan, UCC won against four other projects in it's category finals.

Biosciences Energy Awareness Programme

Please click on the links below to view how Biosciences Institute personnel are engaging with the B&E Office in a structured programme to reduce energy consumption in their building.

 We will be happy to assist other interested groups.

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