Life Sciences Research Strategy

Life Sicences Research Strategy

Underpinning broad theme and associated clusters. A key research strategy of the School of Life Sciences is to support and develop research clusters/themes under broad umbrella areas. These areas include:

     • Cell Biology and Cell Signalling in Eukaryotic and Prokaryotic Systems
     • Models of Development, Disease, Ageing, and Pathogenesis
     • Translational Health Research in the areas of Neuroscience, Cancer,
        Cardiovascular Biology, Food for Health and Stem Cells
     • Biological Systems for Applied and Environmental Interactions
     • Plant Biotechnology

Biosciences research in UCC expands our knowledge of health and wellbeing in understanding the basis of disease and developing new therapies and prevention.  The Institute pools resources, technology platforms, interdisciplinary research and the development of high quality research programmes and funding strands. 
The broad umbrella areas are designed to support existing research clusters, facilitate the emergence of new clusters, and support individual scientists who are full members of the associated Schools or are affiliated with other Schools and Institutes both within UCC and externally. 

The research clusters associated with these areas are, either already well established across UCC (Cancer Biology,  Microbe-Host Interactions, Neuroscience), or have been recognized as emerging areas (Systems Biology, Plant Molecular Biosciences, and Cardiovascular Biology and Stem Cell Pathophysiology). Typically each cluster has, or will have, a critical mass of researchers at its core and the ability to extend across the life, physical, environmental, and clinical sciences at UCC, and beyond, through collaboration.

The Biosciences Institute is equipped with key biological equipment and services to enable high quality research. These platform technologies are available for use by the researchers within BSI but also available to the broader global research community and other interested parties e.g. industry and hospitals.

Biosciences Institute

BioSciences Institute, University College Cork, Ireland