BioSciences Institute

Biosciences Institute at University College Cork

Biosciences Institute is the research arm of the School of Life Sciences (Anatomy; Biochemistry; Microbiology; Physiology; and Pharmacology and Therapeutics) in University College Cork. Life science research is a central pillar of the national agenda for science and technology (SSTI). In UCC, life sciences research is a flagship for the University’s international standing, and it accounts for a major portion of the high impact research output, research income, and PhD student training. The Biosciences Institute, through its robust governance and innovative researchers serves as a portal to and from UCC to the external scientific community. By its nature, life science research is integrated with all other research areas in the biological, clinical, physical, chemical and mathematical sciences. It requires a broad range of scientific and technological expertise, and is also the lynchpin for enabling research activity in diverse disciplines to be applied for the benefit of mankind in areas such as health and the environment.

Biosciences Institute

BioSciences Institute, University College Cork, Ireland