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Success Stories From UCC Entrepreneurs

29 Sep 2016

At Blackstone Launchpad we support all types of venture creation and since establishing in UCC we have already discovered some incredible entrepreneurs within campus. Some of these entrepreneurs have excelled their companies to international level & represent the best of young entrepreneurship.

Below are a collection of short success stories from some of these entrepreneurs.


Ben O' Callaghan - CEO/Founder of Triad Sounds  


 UCC Final year music student Ben O' Callaghan is the Founder & CEO Of Triad Sounds, one of the worlds leading sound labels and providers of royalty free music. Ben turned his love & talent for music into a business in May of 2014 when he established his company and began commercially selling his music with some of the biggest music retailers in the world. Since 2014 Triad Sounds has grown to become one of the leading Record Labels in royalty free music (advertorial/production/background etc purposes). Ben has thousands of paying clients all around the world & has sold his music to over 80 countries, primarily dominated by the USA and Europe. Triad Sounds has grown exponentially since establishing, and recently Ben has been partnering with new retail stores to further increase market awareness & sales.

"Since creating and establishing my company in 2014, I was essentially turning my talent in music/composition into a functioning online Ecommerce business. I myself handle all aspects of the business, from creating content to selling it I do it entirely by myself. Occasionally I work with other music producers to sign their work and release it under my imprint, but most of Triads Sounds music is made by myself. I was awarded a Quercus Talented Student Scholarship when I began UCC in 2014 to study music. I am loving the course & how I am able to balance my academic studies with business. UCC has been very accommodating in making sure I am able to thrive even while studying. I also recently joined the Blackstone Lauchpad team, Patricia & Peter are really incredible in facilitating and assisting entrepreneurs at UCC. From One on One meetings to simply being able to use the creative zone space, Blackstone Launchpad in my opinion is really unique and a great platform for anyone interested in starting their own business." - Ben

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Marie Martin - CEO/Founder of Martin's Safety Equipment


Martin’s Safety Equipment is an agricultural manufacturing company that aims to produce innovative products that promote health and safety throughout the agricultural sector. In 2011 Marie created the Safe Scrub Sprayer, a front loader mounted sprayer, as a result of her father becoming ill from weed killer fumes. Martin’s Safety Equipment are generating sales throughout the Irish, French and German markets to date. The BCOM degree was a natural fit for Marie and is allowing her to take the theory from the classroom and apply it to her business in the effort to grow and expand.

“As a consequence of setting up Martin’s Safety Equipment I was awarded a Quercus Innovation and Entrepreneurial Scholarship in UCC. The Quercus programme has allowed me to balance my academic studies while running a successful business. Entrepreneurship has become a key factor in my life. I love getting involved in new ideas and helping to curate the best strategies to help turn those ideas into revenue generating businesses. UCC and the Blackstone Launchpad have created a fantastic entrepreneurial atmosphere. It has provided us students with amazing opportunities and has helped build a strong network with tremendous support. Anyone can become an entrepreneur and the Blackstone Launchpad have proved this." - Marie

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Dave Calnan - Founder Cork Cares

Give Back, Get Back! 

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