Current Grants

BIOMERIT Research Centre Grants

Agency Title Period
EU INMARE Industrial Applications of Marine Enzymes: Innovative screening and expression platforms to discover and use the functional protein diversity from the sea 2015-2018
SFI National Centres .  Synthesis and Solid State Pharmaceutical Centre 2013 –2019
FIRM ( Dept Ag/Marine) The anti-inflammatory and Microbial modulatory effects of marine derived Laminarin and  omega 3 fatty acid on inflammatory bowel disease in an expimental porcine  model 2014-2018
CFF (USA) Early Detection and Prevention of Chronic CF Lower Respiratory Infections 2017-2018
Enterprise Ireland 'BioBloc' enhanced Contact Lens solutioNS (BBCLENS) 2018-2019

Biomerit Research Centre

Professor Fergal O'Gara, 3rd Floor, Biosciences Bldg & 4th Floor, Microbiology Dept., University College Cork, Cork, Ireland