BIOMERIT Research Centre Background

The BIOMERIT Research Centre (BRC) was formally established in 1991 by Prof. Fergal O’Gara as a research centre of excellence within the Microbiology Department. The centre was initiated to promote, co-ordinate and develop key biotechnology research activities and to target strategic research funding to sustain and develop research programmes in biotechnology.

Mission Statement:
The mission of the BRC is to Maximise Education and Research in Innovative BioTechnology. 

Aims & Objectives:
The aims of the BRC are:

  • To sustain and further develop a research centre of excellence and carry out innovative and internationally competitive research in the core disciplines of the Centre.
  • To continue to attract national and international funding to support the research programmes of the Centre.
  • To enhance collaborations with both national and international research scientists and experts in the fields of interest.
  • To continue to provide a competitive and efficient research and training environment that will attract national and international research scientists and students of the highest calibre.

Biomerit Research Centre

Professor Fergal O'Gara, 3rd Floor, Biosciences Bldg & 4th Floor, Microbiology Dept., University College Cork, Cork, Ireland