Pádraig Cantillon-Murphy / Principal Investigator                                          /padraig(at)

Conor O'Shea / PhD candidate in mechanical engineering                          /conor.oshea(at)
Mechanical device design and commercialisation
Medical device standards

Pietro Nardelli / PhD candidate in electrical engineering                                 /pie.nardelli(at)
Computer vision
Virtual airway navigation 
Image guided endoscopy

Alex Jaeger / PhD candidate in electrical engineering                          /herman.alex.jaeger(at)
Electromagnetic navigation
Endoscopic catheter design and tracking

Jaspar Pahl / MEng candidate in electrical engineering (Erasmus)                    /jaspar.pahl(at)
Virtual cancer nodule segmentation and classification algorithms

Mike McAuliffe / MEng candidate in mechanical engineering                       /mikemca1993(at)
Endoscopic catheter design



John Paul McAuliffe / MEngSc in mechanical engineering / 2015
Riccardo Volpi / MEng in biomedical engineering (Erasmus) / 2015
Kashif Ali Khan / MD / 2015
Kilian O'Donoghue / PhD in electrical engineering / 2014
Josef Tugwell / MEngSc in electrical engineering / 2014
Alberto Corvo / MEng in biomedical engineering (Erasmus) / 2013
Conor O'Shea / MEngSc in mechanical engineering / 2013
Declan Loughnane / MEngSc in mechanical engineering / 2012
Pietro Nardelli / MEng in biomedical engineering (Erasmus) / 2012
David Cronin / MEngSc in mechanical engineering / 2011
Martin McMenamin / MEngSc in mechanical engineering / 2011

Biomedical Design Research Group

School of Engineering University College Cork Ireland