Biomarker IGF

Biomarker IGF

EU FP7 Marie Curie Industry-Academia Partnerships and Pathways (IAPP)

Project: 215480 Biomarker IGF

Biomarker IGF figure.


Cell Biology Laboratory, University College Cork and Almac Diagnostics, Craigavon, Northern Ireland.

Principal Investigators

University College Cork (UCC)

Professor Rosemary O’Connor.


Professor Richard Kennedy.

Scientific Objectives

The overall scientific purpose of this project is to combine the expertise of scientists at University College Cork in the area of IGF-I signalling with the expertise of Almac Diagnostics in pharmacogenomics to identify novel clinically relevant biomarkers for the IGF signalling pathway in cancer.

A second purpose of the proposal is to develop a lasting intersectorial collaboration between the University scientists and Almac that will enhance researcher training, transfer of knowledge, and ultimately lead to translation of scientific findings for the benefit of cancer patients

Trainees Participating in BiomarkerIGF: 2010-2014

Trainee participants

  • Shelly Edmunds: experienced reseacher (ER) at UCC
  • Isabel Fernandez: ER at UCC
  • Orla Cox: ER seconded to Almac
  • Sandra O’Shea: early stage reseacher (ESR) seconded to Almac
  • Amy Lyons: ESR seconded to Almac
  • Jean O’Keeffe; ER seconded to Almac
  • Siobhan Cleary ESR seconded to Almac
  • Fionola Fogarty ESR and ER seconded to Almac
  • Aoife Richardson: ESR seconded to Almac
  • Ciara O’Flanagan: ER seconded to Almac

School of Biochemistry and Cell Biology

Scoil na Bithcheimice agus na Cillbhitheolaíochta

University College Cork, Western Road, Cork.