Louis-Charles Rainville, MSc

Louis-Charles Rainville, PhD

Louis-Charles Rainville, PhD

Louis-Charles Rainville, PhD

Louis-Charles Rainville was a PhD candidate from Quebec, Canada. His IRCSET-funded project was, "Proteomic Approaches to Oxidative Stress in Daphnia magna".

Schmidt W., Rainville L.-C., McEneff G., Sheehan D., Quinn B. (2013) A proteomic evaluation of the effects of the pharmaceuticals diclofenac and gemfibrozil on marine mussels (Mytilus spp.). Evidence for chronic sublethal effects on stress-response proteins. Drug Testing and Analysis. IN PRESS.

Sheehan D., Rainville L.-C., Tyther R., McDonagh B. (2012) Redox Proteomics in Study of Kidney-Associated Hypertension: New Insights to old Diseases. Antioxidant Redox Signaling 17, 1560-1570.

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