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Annual Public Lecture Series

Annual Public Lecture Series

About the Annual Public Lecture Series

The very popular Annual SEFS (Science, Engineering and Food Science) Public Lecture Series was held weekly on Wednesday evenings at 8.00pm in UCC Boole 4 Lecture Theatre and ran from January through March each year, during the years 2007 - 2013. 

The lecture series was organised by William Reville, Public Awareness of Science Officer, and Professor (now Emeritus Professor) in the School of Biochemistry and Cell Biology, College of Science, Engineering and Food Science (SEFS), University College Cork (UCC). 

Admission was free to all the lectures, and members of the public were invited to attend.

The lecture series regularly attracted  large attendances and covered a wide range of contemporary issues including Global Warming, Ethics of Embryonic Stem Cell Research, Radio Astronomy, Future Energy Infrastructure, Vitamin D and Health, Wireless Sensors, Low Level Exposure to Dangerous Chemicals, Food for Health, Quantum Mechanics, and the Politics/Economics of Nitrogen Fixation. 

The programmes from the lecture series are included below.


APLS-Annual Public Lecture Series 2007


 APLS-Annual Public Lecture Series 2008


APLS-Annual Public Lecture Series 2009


APLS-Annual Public Lecture Series 2010


APLS-Annual Public Lecture Series 2011


APLS-Annual Public Lecture Series 2012

Please note: This series of lectures is hosted on YouTube 


APLS-Annual Public Lecture Series 2013

Please note: An introduction to the content of 2013 programme was filmed.


Regrettably since Professor Reville's retirement, the lecture series was discontinued. However, many of the lectures were recorded, some of which may be viewed by following the links above. Some of the recordings were thought lost but happily have been recovered and will continue to be populated online. We will update the information on this page as they become available.



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