Welcome to Dr Susan Joyce

2 Feb 2015
Dr Susan Joyce, School of Biochemistry and Cell Biology, UCC

Dr Susan Joyce has just joined our School as a part-time College Lecturer.

Susan completed her PhD at Maynooth University and then secured a Marie Curie fellowship to study at the Ecole Normal Superieure, Paris. She spent 2 years at the Moyne Institute for Preventive Medicine at Trinity College Dublin with Professor Charles Dorman, before joining Dr David Clarke (currently in School of Microbiology, UCC) at the University of Bath, UK. Susan joined the School of Microbiology, UCC to work with Dr Cormac Gahan and Professor Colin Hill, as a senior scientist, in recent years taking on (and currently maintaining) her role as group leader as part of the Alimentary Pharmabiotic Centre, directed by Professor Fergus Shanahan.

Susans’ research interests include microbial-host interactions at the molecular level as well as microbial influence on host metabolite production for gastrointestinal health and disease states. Her research interests are currently funded through the Health Research Board and Science Foundation Ireland (SFI through the APC).

Susan is also microbial technical adviser to Alimentary Health Ltd. and she has also recently been appointed to the scientific advisory board of the Institute of Experimental Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Pavol Jozef Safarik University, Slovak Republic.

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