Electives modules briefing

16 Sep 2015
Photo montage of the Fourth Year BSc in Biochemistry students who gave a briefing re their elective module choices to Third Year BSc in Biochemistry students to help them choose their elective modules

Fourth Year Biochemistry students discuss with Third Year Biochemistry students about the elective modules they took last year.

Photo montage of the students who gave a briefing on Elective modules to help 3rd Year Biochemistry students choose their electives.

Photo credit: Mary Heapes, School of Biochemistry & Cell Biology.


The 3rd year Biochemistry curriculum is designed to include elective modules from Microbiology, Pharmacology, Physiology and Process Engineering. There are eight elective modules and the students must select two, as part of their 60 credits. A number of the 3rd year students find it difficult to decide which modules to select, so this year Dr Sinéad Kerins organised that some of the 4th year Biochemistry students provide information about the electives they completed to the 3rd year Biochemistry class. Seven of the 4th year Biochemistry students discussed the content, examination type, level of difficulty of the elective modules they undertook, as follows:

Niamh Devanny

MB3012 Transmission and Epidemiology of Infectious Disease
PT3005 Chemotherapy and Pharmacology of Inflammation

Elaine O’Brien

PT3001 Introduction to Pharmacology
PT3002 Introduction to Toxicology

Jennifer Corbishley

PE4010 BioPharmaceutical Engineering
T3001 Introduction to Pharmacology

Robert Cowman

PT3001 Introduction to Pharmacology
PL3005 Cell and Epithelial Physiology

Tara Green

PT3001 Introduction to Pharmacology
MB3001 Medical Microbiology

Kelvyn Harrington

MB3002 Virology
PT3002 Introduction to Toxicology

Christina Killian

PT3001 Introduction to Pharmacology
T3005 Chemotherapy and Pharmacology of Inflammation

Dr Sinéad Kerins would like to thank Christina, Elaine, Jennifer, Kelvyn, Niamh, Robert and Tara for participating in this event. The 3rd year Biochemistry students really found the information they provided very beneficial.

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