Safety Regulations and Presentations

Safety Regulations and Safety Presentations

Safety Regulations and Safety Presentations

Safety regulations

VET 15 Licence


In accordance with conditions (d) of the licence, it is a requirement that a copy of the commercial document in the format provided in Annex 1 is completed and transmitted by email to the relevant point of entry at least 24 hours prior to arrival of the product.

The licence can be obtained by emailing any of our administrative staff.

Part of the conditions for our VET 15 licence is as follows:

The user at the registered establishment must keep a register of consignments of research and diagnostic samples received. You will need to complete fully a Register of Consignments form for research and diagnostic samples received under licence. Template for the Register of Consignments here: under Application forms and Supporting Documentation.

For anyone importing animal tissues/cells, in addition to sending the shipper the VET15 licence we also need to send them an annex 1 invoice’ (AnnexICommercialDocumentforRDSamples250319) which they must complete and send together with the VET15.

Important: Please email Yvonne Brennan with information on your register of consignments,


DHL Couriers

Staff trained in Dangerous Goods, and registered with DHL:

Staff Role Extension
Susan Barry Senior Technical Officer 1324
Kathryn Bermingham School Manager 1339
Yvonne Brennan Admin 1327

UN1845 Dry ice/carbon dioxide, solid.

UN3373 Biological substance, category B.

UN3245 Genetically modified organisms or micro-organisms.

Safety presentations

Safety in the laboratory

Lab Safety Presentation

Safety regulations for Biochemistry laboratories

Lab Safety Regulations

Biological Agents at work

Presentation by Dr Susan Hill, Cognate Health (formerly EHA Consulting). 24th May 2016.

Biological Agents at work

Managing Stress at Work

Presentation by Dr Susan Hill, Cognate Health. 5th December 2018.

Managing Stress at Work

Centrifuge Safety

Centrifugation requires a series of choices critical to safety. Which Centrifuge? Which rotor? Which tubes and adapters?....

Centrifugation Hazards Video. 9 mins. 


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