Safety Committee

Safety Committee

Safety Committee

School Health & Safety Introduction

The University is committed to minimising risk to the health and safety of employees, students, visitors and the general community. 

The School of Biochemistry and Cell Biology Health and Safety committee continue to work towards full compliance with the University’s Health and Safety obligations in accordance with the Safety, Health and Welfare At Work Act 2005.

The School Health and Safety webpages contain important information:

  • Emergency numbers
  • First Aiders/Fire Marshals
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Safety manuals
  • Safety PowerPoint presentations
  • Safety regulations

Details of the University’s Health and Safety systems and procedures are available at UCC Health and Safety Office. UCC Health and Safety Office publish detailed information on the University's Health and Safety Policies on their website.

Dr Tom Moore
Chairperson Health and Safety Committee
School of Biochemistry and Cell Biology

School Safety Committee

School Health and Safety Committee members

  • Pat Allen, Senior Technical Officer, Western Gateway.
  • Susan Barry, Senior Technical Officer, Biosciences Institute.
  • Yvonne Brennan, Health and Safety Administration, Biosciences Institute 2.05. Ext. 1327.
  • Gavin Kinsley, Technical Assistant, Biosciences Institute.
  • Dr Tom Moore, Chairperson of School Health and Safety Committee, Lecturer and Principal Investigator, Western Gateway.
  • Dr Ken Nally, Lecturer and Principal Investigator, Biosciences Institute. 
  • Dr Alex Zhdanov, Research Support Officer, Cavanagh Pharmacy.


Committee activities

  • Regular notifications sent to Staff and Postdoctoral laboratory workers informing them of their obligations under the University's Health and Safety Policy to complete two Compulsory Health and Safety web based (online) courses for 1) Visual Display Unit (VDU) and 2) Fire Safety. 
  • Regular notifications sent to Staff and Postdoctoral laboratory workers informing them of other safety courses available to them. Please see the full list of courses available from the University's Health and Safety Office.
  • Hepatitis B vaccinations/Health Surveillance and allergy testing available.
  • Safety manuals and Risk Assessment folders available in both Administration Offices (Western Gateway Building 3.19 and Biosciences Institute 2.05), and also, in Pharmacy Laboratories.
  • Safety Data Sheets in laboratories.
  • Chemical inventory updated in November each year and available in laboratories.
  • First aid boxes restocked and checked regularly.
  • Chemical Spillage kits inspected and signage put in place.
  • Equipment inspections regularly carried out.
  • Safety glasses/cyro gloves/face shields available on request.
  • Health and Safety signs advising names of First Aiders/Fire Marshals/Emergency numbers placed in all laboratories.
  • Training laboratory in Western Gateway Building – work carried out to redesign the position of Bunsen burners and signs put in place.
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for handling syringes, needles and sharps – signs placed in all laboratories.
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for handling biological materials – signs placed in all laboratories.
  • Chemical Spillage/Emergency Response signs placed in all laboratories.
  • Biohazard signs on entrance to all laboratories.
  • PowerPoint presentation on Laboratory Safety for all Laboratory  workers.
  • PowerPoint presentation on Laboratory Safety for Western Gateway Building (WGB) training Laboratory.
  • Principal Investigator (PI) checklist and Statement of Compliance.
  • Laboratory Safety Review (Inspection) – carried out periodically.
  • Procedure for reporting accidents (revised version 2017).
  • New improved speaker to alert people to alarms installed in room 3.23 Biiosciences Institute.
  • Continuous monitoring of the wearing of laboratory coats while working at the bench.
  • Biosafety VET15 licence in the process of being obtained 2018.


The committee welcomes any Health and Safety concerns/issues that you wish to bring to our attention/discuss at our committee meetings.

Please email Yvonne or contact Yvonne at +353 (0)21 490 1327.

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