BSc in Genetics

BSc honours degree in Genetics

BSc honours degree in Genetics

BSc honours degree in Genetics

What is Genetics?

Genetics is the branch of Biology that deals with inheritance of traits and attributes such as height and eye-colour. We physically resemble our biological parents or siblings because we share a common genetic heritage.  The physical agents of transmission through inheritance are called genes. The BSc Genetics teaches you to understand how genes work in individuals and populations. This knowledge is fundamental to all areas of biological study, as genes carry the information which largely determines what we are and how we function in the environment. In this course, there is particular emphasis on the molecular basis of genetics, but all facets are covered throughout the degree and all graduates have a strong foundation in modern genetics.

The BSc honours degree in Genetics

This is a four year BSc (Hons) degree outlet from the CK405 CAO entry stream, taught jointly with the School of Microbiology. Year 1 is focused on foundation knowledge for Genetics and includes a module dedicated to Principles and Methods in Genetics - how genes work in individuals and populations, and how cutting-edge programmes such as the Human Genome Project revolutionising the way we tackle biological questions. Year 2 is designed to provide fundamental background knowledge in preparation for the specialisation in Genetics in years 3 and 4. Year 4 also includes a three-month project in the laboratory, during which time you receive training in the use of genetic approaches to solve a contemporary question or problem in biology. These projects are based in the departments that contribute to the Genetics course.


For further details, please see the Admissions' Office information for the BSc honours degree in Genetics programme and the College Calendar entry.


Please view the 2021 CK405 BSc (Hons) Genetics UCC Prospectus- pp.270-271.

Careers in Genetics

Most graduates work in the biopharma and allied industries or go on to pursue graduate courses such as taught Masters and PhDs. 

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