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There are almost 3,000 overseas students studying at UCC, from some 98 countries. UCC performs well in international rankings placing it consistently in the top 2% of universities worldwide. The School of Biochemistry and Cell Biology provides high quality teaching and research and supports and advises students with their career choices. The school welcomes International students for complete courses and semesters abroad study.

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Testimonial from Dr Orthis Saha

Dr Orthis Saha

Dr Orthis Saha

I am originally from Calcutta, India. I have an undergraduate degree in Physiology and master’s degree in Biochemistry. I would have developed an interest in neuroscience during these degree study periods. Subsequent to my studies, I worked in a laboratory for a year as a project assistant at the National Brain Research Centre, Haryana, India. During this time, I was looking at doctoral options in neuroscience abroad which is when I came across the position in Dr Paul Young’s laboratory in the erstwhile Department of Biochemistry (now School of Biochemistry and Cell Biology) at UCC.  I began my doctoral research in January 2009, and nearly 5 years hence, I graduated with my doctoral degree in June 2013.

My doctoral thesis was on the LNX family of E3 ubiquitin ligases and their plausible function in the nervous system in a mouse model. As a part of my work, I would have engaged in both in vivo and in vitro studies extensively, thereby gathering sufficient experience with a host of different research techniques.

My experience as a doctoral student in UCC has been quite eventful with its fair share of ups and downs. However, it has been a steady learning curve over the years. From being completely new to various research techniques to supervising fourth year undergraduate students in these very techniques, the progress has been noteworthy. Moreover, from being a little more dependent on my supervisor in the initial days of the project to being able to steer the project independently further down, speaks for itself. Furthermore, I have had the good fortune of having a great supervisor in Paul and also had some of the best colleagues in the laboratory as well as in the department. Valuable inputs about my work from these quarters have been quite helpful all along the way.

Living in Cork has been nothing short of a fantastic experience. The Irish sure know how to take their ‘craic’ seriously and I think Corkonians up this by a notch. I have made some great friends through work and outside work and the multinational mix of friends therein speaks for itself as to how truly international Cork is.

Presently, I am a volunteer teacher in Calcutta with the Cork-based charity organization, The Hope Foundation, which works for the betterment of street and slum children in Calcutta. I mainly teach arithmetic and english to children in the age group of 4 – 9 years. Currently, I am also looking into post-doctoral research options in neuroscience both in Europe and North America.

Working in this department and a PhD degree from UCC have both definitely caused an all-round transitioning in me - from that of a naïve research student to a more mature, independent, logical, and, skilled scientist.

Sláinte! UCC Abú!

Dr Orthis Saha

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