Damien Haberlin

Damien Haberlin

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PhD Student


Dr Tom Doyle (NUIG) & Dr Rob McAllen


I completed a B.Sc. in Zoology in UCC, in 2005, after which I travelled and worked in various jobs. The most interesting was a year spent in the Yucatan, Mexico, teaching diving and coral reef ecology to volunteers from all over the world. I completed a M.Sc. in Marine Biology in UCC in 2010, researching jellyfish for my thesis. Subsequently I worked as a research assistant in the Coastal and Marine Research Centre, studying marine mammals in Co. Mayo. The subject of jellyfish and plankton always held the most fascination for me and I began a PhD in this field in 2014.



I am interested in jellyfish ecology and the influence of large scale hydrographic features on their ecology. Part of my PhD is applied research, working salmon aquaculture and finding ways to protect farms from harmful jellyfish species. I am also interested in applying biotelemetry techniques, commonly used to study vertebrates, to the study of jellyfish.



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