Dr Jodie Crane

Dr Jodie Crane

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Prof John Quinn


I obtained my BSc in Ecology in 2009 from the University of East Anglia, during which I also studied for an additional year at the University of Auckland, New Zealand. I then went on to complete my PhD at the University of Sheffield, where I studied vocal communication in the chestnut-crowned babbler, a cooperatively breeding bird endemic to south-eastern Australia. Whilst working as a Research Associate on Skomer Island in 2013, I pursued my interest in seabird ecology whilst working on a long-term population study of guillemots. Since then I have been the Ornithological Warden at the Calf of Man Bird Observatory where, amongst other things, I was involved in a large scale conservation project aiming to recover seabird populations on the island, and a Senior Research Assistant with the RSPB, where I led a team tracking seabird movements on Fair Isle. I am a highly experienced field ornithologist and active bird ringer, and hold a British Trust for Ornithology A-permit with training endorsement.



My primary research interests are in bioacoustics and seabird ecology. During my PhD I worked on the structure and function of call repertoires in birds, and how vocal communication mediates social behaviour within groups. I am particularly interested in whether social complexity drives vocal complexity, and in relationships between the different calls comprising a species’ repertoire. More recently, I have developed interests in the relationship between communication and cognition which I hope to explore using wild great tits as a model system, during my work with Professor John Quinn. My interests in seabird ecology have led to me becoming involved in a number of tracking projects around the UK and Ireland, and I currently lecture on seabird conservation in the postgraduate ‘Marine Megafauna’ module at UCC.



Crane, J M S, Savage, J L, & Russell, AF (2016). Diversity and function of vocalisations in the cooperatively breeding chestnut-crowned babbler. Emu 116(3) 241-253.

Engesser, S†, Crane, J M S†, Savage, J L, Russell, A F, Townsend S W (2015). Experimental evidence for phonemic contrast in a nonhuman vocal system. PLOS Biology 13(6) e1002171. († Joint first authorship.)

Crane, J M S, Pick, J L, Tribe, A J, Vincze, E, Hatchwell, B J, Russell, A F (2015). Chestnut-crowned babblers show affinity for calls of removed group members: a dual playback without expectancy violation. Animal Behaviour, 104, 51-57.

Crane, J M S (2014) Vocal communication in the cooperatively breeding chestnut-crowned babbler. PhD Thesis, Department of Animal and Plant Sciences, University of Sheffield.

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