BEES Seminar Series

BEES Seminar Series 2019-20

Below is the list of confirmed seminars for the the first and second semester.  All welcome!

The series is coordinated by Dr Javier Delbarco-Trillo. Email Javier at for more information.

4th October CEC 7/8 1-2pm

Can species keep track of climate change? The need for improved dispersal modelling.

Paul Holloway, UCC Department of Geography

18th October CEC 7/8 1-2pm

Waste and restorative ecology

Ronan Courtney, University of Limerick

25th October CEC 7/8 1-2pm

Small secreted proteins from the wheat pathogen Zymoseptoria tritici

Angela Feechan, UCD School of Agrciulture and Food Science

8th November CEC 7/8 1-2pm

Raptor reintroduction in Ireland

Lorcan O'Toole, Golden Eagle Trust

15th November CEC 7/8 1-2pm

Cognition in birds

Susan Healy, University of St. Andrews

22th November CEC 7/8 1-2pm

Looking into time- the challenges of plant high-throughput phenotyping

Sónia Negrão, UCD School of Biology and Environmental Science

29th November CEC 7/8 1-2pm

Putting C. elegans in its place: Genome sequencing of the whole of the genus Caenorhabditis and the dynamics of nematode genome evolution

Mark Blaxter, Wellcome Sanger Institute, London

17th January 2020 CEC 7/8 1-2pm

A connecTOR integrating carbon partitioning and demand in plants

Camila Caldana, Max Plank Institute of Molecular Plant Physiology

24th January CEC 7/8 1-2pm

The town fish and the country fish:  phenotypic variation among the progeny of farm and wild Atlantic salmon in common garden experiments

Joshka Kaufman and Karl Philips, School of BEES & Marine Institute

31st January CEC 7/8 1-2pm

Using remotely-sensed data to scale up classical ecological relationships

Hannah White, UCD School of Biology and Environmental Science

7th February CEC 7/8 1-2pm

Social effects on learning in fish

Mike Webster, University of St. Andrews

14th February CEC 7/8 1-2pm

African mole-rats - ecology, eusociality and adaptations to life underground

Chris Faulkes, Queen Mary University of London

21st February

CEC 7/8 1-2pm

Drosophila innexin gap-junction proteins: their discovery, evolution, role in electrical-synapse physiology, and function in humans

Jonathan Bacon, University of Sussex

28th February CEC 7/8 1-2pm

Faster, Better, Potato-ier: Molecular breeding of potato

Dan Milbourne, Teagasc, Oak Park, Carlow

6th March CEC 7/8 1-2pm

Teaching behaviour in birds and primates

Camille Troisi, School of BEES, UCC

13th March CEC 7/8 1-2pm

Brains growing on the tree of life: the wahat, when, why and how of primate brain evolution

Robert Barton, Durham University

20th March CEC 7/8 1-2pm

Life at high latitudes: evolution of adaptations to temperate climates in the grass subfamily Pooideae

Siri Fjellheim, Norwegian University of Life Sciences

27th March CEC 7/8 1-2pm

Sex and diversity: tales of promiscuous beetles and enigmatic tardigrades

Łukasz Michalczyk, Jagiellonian University, Poland


BEES Seminar Series 2018-19 - Archive

Below is the list of confirmed seminars for the the first and second semester.  All welcome!

The series is coordinated by Dr Javier Delbarco-Trillo. Email Javier at for more information.

28th September CEC 7/8 1-2pm Introduction to Seminar Series
4th October CEC 7/8 12 pm

Sexual selection in structured populations

Tommaso Pizzari, Oxford

5th October CEC 7/8 1-2pm

Responses to global change in a river passerine

Dario Fernandez Bellon, UCC

12th October CEC 7/8 1-2pm

A tale of many towers: Ecophysiological insights into the carbon and greenhouse gas dynamics of terrestrial ecosystems

Matt Saunders, TCD

19th October CEC 7/8 1-2pm

Education in the zoo: A study of the relationship between education, zoo visitors and animal behaviour

Courtney Collins, UCC

26th October CEC 7/8 1-2pm

FAO LEAP Guidelines for water use assessment of livestock production systems and supply chains

Katrin Dastrig, Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Engineering and Bioeconomy

2nd November CEC 7/8 1-2pm

Genomic approaches to improve our understanding of an important ecological pollinator

Joe Colgan, UCC

9th November CEC 7/8 1-2pm

Ocean and Sustainability

Teresa Borges, Universidade do Algarve

16th November CEC 7/8 1-2pm

Cross talk between light sensing systems for environmental control of photosynthesis

Gabriela Toleda-Ortiz, Lancaster University

23rd November CEC 7/8 1-2pm

A History of Salmon Management in the British Isles

Ronald Campbell, Scottish Fisheries Museum

30th November CEC 7/8 1-2pm

Trees in Space

Markus Eichhorn, UCC

18th January CEC 7/8 1-2pm

Evolutionary Photonics with a Twist

Pete Vukusic, University of Exeter

25th January CEC 7/8 1-2pm

Fossil preservation shapes and distorts our understanding of evolution

Rob Sansom, University of Manchester

1st February CEC 7/8 1-2pm No Seminar
 8th February CEC 7/8 1-2pm Ronan Sulpice, NUI Galway
15th February CEC 7/8 1-2pm

Invasive alien species - CSI

Frances Lucy CERIS, Sligo

22nd February CEC 7/8 1-2pm  
1st March CEC 7/8 1-2pm

Animal Coloration: mechanisms and evolution

Liliana D'Alba, Ghent University

8th March CEC 7/8 1-2pm

Latitudinal diversity gradients in deep time: a case study using dinosaurs of the Upper Jurassic Western Interior, USA

Susannah Maidment, Natural History Museum, London

15th March CEC 7/8 1-2pm

The life and death of the plant destroyer Phytophthora

Sebastian Schornack, Sainsbury Laboratory, Cambridge

22nd March CEC 7/8 1-2pm

An Overture to the Anthropocene: Strong Modulation of the Tropical Monsoon by CO2 at the Dawn of the Dinosaurs

Jessica Whiteside, University of Southampton

29th March CEC 7/8 1-2pm No Seminar
5th April CEC 7/8 1-2pm

Evolutionary Ecology of Migration in Salmonid fishes

Tom Reed, University College Cork

BEES Seminar Series 2017-18 - Archive

Below is the list of confirmed seminars for the the first and second semester.  All welcome!

The series is coordinated by Dr Tom Reed. Email Tom at for more information.

Date Location Time Details
29 September CEC 7/8 1pm

The dinosaur resurrection: the K-Pg mass extinction and the rise of modern birds

Daniel Field, University of Bath

6 October CEC 7/8 1pm

Weather and management effects on grass growth

Deirdre Hennessy, Teagasc

13 October CEC 7/8 1pm

The structure and significance of social networks in a wild bird society

Josh Firth, Oxford University

20 October CEC 7/8 4.30pm

A new era for plant breeding

Jennifer Stephens, James Hutton Institute

27 October CEC 7/8 1pm

Circadian control of plant growth and development - integrating environmental signals with transcriptional and post-translational regulation

Rossana Henrique, UCC

3 November CEC 7/8 1pm

A "CRISP" Guide to "CRISPR" Plants... Application of Cas9-mediated Genome Editing in Plants

Peter Ryder, NUIG

10 November CEC 7/8 1pm

Badgers, cattle and bovine tuberculosis:  the confluence of ecological and epidemiological science

Andrew Byrne, Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute, Belfast 

17 November CEC 7/8 1pm

The need for ethnography in conservation (from the point of view of a zoologist discovering anthropology)

Jo Setcell, Durham University

24 November CEC 7/8 1pm

Global change and the stability of ecosystems

Ian Donohue, Trinity College Dublin

1 December Ted Nevill Lab 1pm

Title to be announced

Gary Foster, University of Bristol


19 January


CEC 7&8 1pm

Bees, pesticides and plant-pollinator interactions

Dara Stanley, NUIG

26 January CEC 7&8 1pm

Title to be announced

Lars Chittka, Queen Mary University of London

2 February CEC 7&8 1pm

Assessing the population consequences of anthropogenic disturbance on marine mammals

Enrico Pirotta, UCC

9 February CEC 7&8  1pm 

Food security & sustainable production of cereal crops

Fiona Doohan, UCD

16 February CEC 7&8 1pm

Stegosaurs and dinosaur soft tissue

Susie Maidment, University of Brighton

23 February CEC 7&8 1pm

Unravelling the Ecology of Non-native Species to Inform European Strategy

Helen Roy, CEH Wallingford

2 March CEC 7&8 1pm

Title to be announced

Joe Keating, University of Manchester

9 March CEC 7&8 1pm

Sexual selection in jungle fowl

Tom Pizzari, University of Oxford

16 March CEC 7&8 1pm

Mass extinctions 

Sofie Lindstrom, University of Lund

23 March CEC 7&8 1pm

Title to be announced

Tory McCoy, University of Leicester


BEES Seminar Series 2016-17 - Archive

Below is the list of confirmed seminars for the the first and second semester.  All welcome!

The series is coordinated by Prof. John Quinn. Email John at for more information.

Date Location Time Details
29 September Ted Nevill Lab 1pm

Introduction to module

John Quinn, UCC

6 October Ted Nevill Lab 1pm

Domesticating new crop species: experience from the bioenergy grass Miscanthus

Trevor Hodkinson, Trinity College Dublin

13 October Ted Nevill Lab 1pm

Exploring the rhizosphere: Imaging plant-soil interactions using X-ray CT

Saoirse Tracy, University College Dublin

20 October Ted Nevill Lab 1pm

Orang-utan genetics and conservation

Michael Krutzen, University of Zurich

27 October Ted Nevill Lab 1pm

Global change and the stability of ecosystems

Ian Donohue, Trinity College Dublin

3 November Ted Nevill Lab 1pm

Model systems to study programmed cell death in plants

Paul McCabe, University College Dublin

10 November Ted Nevill Lab 1pm

Ecosystem based fisheries management

Dave Reid, Marine Institute

17 November Ted Nevill Lab 1pm

Impacts of multiple stressors on marine ecosystems

Tasman Crowe, University College Dublin

24 November Ted Nevill Lab 1pm

Sperm competition in mammals

Javier delBarco-Trillo, University College Cork

1 December Ted Nevill Lab 1pm

Friends of fuel: Links between metabolic rate and social behaviours in fishes

Shaun Killen, Univeristy of Glasgow


20 January


CEC 7&8 1pm

Model systems to study programmed cell death in plants

Paul McCabe, UCD

27 January CEC 7&8 1pm

Why detection probability matters for effective control of problem wildlife

Jonathan Reynolds, Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust

3 February CEC 7&8 1pm

Going viral: an ethnobotanical analysis of the Cassava Mosaic Disease epidemics in Gabon, Central Africa

Marc Deletre, National Botanic Gardens of Ireland

10 February     Currently no seminar planned
17 February CEC 7&8 1pm

Sustainable utilisation of algal biomass? Some recent progress and remaining challenges

Dagmar Stengel, NUI Galway

24 February CEC 7&8 1pm

The development of avian social phenotypes

Neeltje Boogert, University of Exeter

3 March CEC 7&8 1pm

Molecular breeding; Using genome-based approaches for genetic improvement of Irish crop species

Dan Milbourne, Teagasc, Oakpark

6 March CEC 7&8 3-4pm

Watching life from space: tit trait variation in the Anthropocene

Marta Szulkin, University of Warsaw

10 March CEC 7&8 1pm

The effects of wind on space-use in seabirds

Emily Shepherd, University of Swansea

24 March CEC 7&8 1pm

New Targets in the Fight Against Phytophthora

Barbara Doyle-Prestwich and John Mackrill, UCC

31 March CEC 7&8 1pm

The barn owl metamorphoses into a dove: 25 years of studies

Alex Roulin, University of Lausanne


BEES Seminar Series 2015-2016 - Archive

Below is the list of confirmed seminars for the the first and second semesters.  All welcome!

The series is coordinated by Prof. John Quinn. Email John at for more information.

Date Location Time Details
11 September 2014 CEC 7/8 1pm

The role of mesopelagic fish in the Southern Ocean ecosystem

Martin Collins, Government of South Georgia

2 October CEC 7/8 1pm

The spatial ecology of marine seabirds

James Grecian, UCC

9 October CEC 7/8 1pm

The function of trahalose in plants

Matthew Paul, Rothamsted Research

16 October CEC 7/8 1pm

Challenges for animal communication in a noisy world

Michael Reichert, UCC

23 October CEC 7/8 1pm

How to be successful in research!

John Quinn, UCC

30 October CEC 7/8 1pm

Development and evolution of cellular diversity in plants

Liam Dolan, University of Oxford

6 November CEC 7/8 1pm

Sex, death and evolution in alien lizards

Tobias Uller, University of Oxford

13 November CEC 7/8 1pm

Phylogeography in plants

Jim Provan, Queens Belfast

20 November CEC 7/8 1pm

Non-invasive measurement of adrenal glucocorticoids as an indicator of animal wellbeing and environmental health

Manel Lopez-Bejar, Autonomous University of Barcelona

27 November CEC 7/8 TBA TBA
15 January CEC 7/8 1pm

Wall stories: the role of plant cell walls in parasitic interactions

Zoe Popper, NUI Galway

22 January CEC 7/8 1pm

Aquatic ecology in southern Spain: Dispersal ecology and invasion biology in aquatic fauna

Andy Green

29 January CEC 7/8 TBA

Implementing genomics into forage breeding development

Susanne Barth, Oak Park Research (Teagasc)

5 February CEC 7/8 1pm

Carry over effects in geese

Stuart Bearhop, University of Exeter

 12 February CEC 7/8  1pm

Responsible Research and Innovation and its Relevance for your Research

Ruth Hally, UCC EnRRICH

19 February CEC 7/8 TBA

Bending the general rules of ecology in a naturally warmed landscape

Eoin O'Gorman

26 February CEC 7/8 TBA

Ecology and functionality of plant microbiomes

Angela Sessitsch, Austrian Institute of Technology

4 March CEC 7/8 1pm

CO2 and plant evolution

Jenny McElwain, UCD

11 March CEC 7/8 1pm

Fair trade and the aquarium industry

Joanna Murray, CEFAS UK

18 March CEC 7/8 TBA

Fish population genetics

Jens Carlsson, UCD

BEES Seminar Series 2014-2015 - Archive

Below is the list of confirmed seminars for the the first and second terms.  All welcome!

The series is coordinated by Dr. John Quinn. Email John at for more information.

Date Location Time Seminar Details
12 Sep CEC 7/8 1 pm

Managing South Georgia's natural resources

Martin Collins, Government of South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands

3 Oct  CEC 7/8 1 pm

New Zealand’s unique fauna and an overview of an endemic reptile, the tuatara (Sphenodon punctatus)

Ilse Corkery , UCC

17 Oct CEC 7/8   TBA
24 Oct CEC 7/8 1pm

Evolution of information processing

Andrew Jackson, TCD

31 Oct CEC 7/8 1pm

Invasive Rhododendron

Jane Stout, TCD

7 Nov CEC 7/8 1pm

Be your own boss! Turn leading research into world beating companies

Eamon Curtin, IGNITE, UCC

14 Nov CEC 7/8 1pm

Securing commercial potato production against the global pathogen Phytophthora infestans: Is GM technology a sustainable option?

Ewen Mullins, TEAGASC

21 Nov CEC 7/8 1pm

An enlightening tale about UV-B radiation

Marcel Jansen, UCC

28 Nov CEC 7/8 1pm

Evolutionary ecology of killer whales

Andy Foote, University of Copenhagen

16 Jan CEC 7/8 1pm

Seafood - A Career for the Future

Paul Ward, BIM

23 Jan CEC 7/8 1pm

Digestive microbes and animal behaviour

Paul Ross, SEFS

27 Jan *TED NEVILL LAB* 11am - 1pm

Special joint seminar with the School of Applied Social Studies: Piping Up! Community Opposition to the Privatisation of our Coastal Commons.

Risteard Ó Domhnaill and Monica Muller

**Note change of time and location**

6 Feb CEC 7/8 1pm

Reintroductions in bird conservation: from raptors to parrots

Alan Mee, Golden Eagle Trust

13 Feb CEC 7/8 1pm

Sex, Death and Evolution in Alien Lizards

Tobias Uller, University of Oxford

27 Feb CEC 7/8 1pm

Behavioural ecology of grey seals during the breeding season

Ross Cullock, CMRC

6 Mar CEC 7/8 1pm Richard Holland, Queens, Belfast.
13 Mar CEC 7/8 1pm

Ecology and our thinking

Piotr Skubala, University of Silesia

20 Mar CEC 7/8 1pm

Bird strikes on aircraft

Tom Kelly, UCC

27 Mar CEC 7/8 1pm

Tool use in the New Caledonian Crow

Christian Rutz, St. Andrews


BEES Seminar Series 2013-2014 - Archive

Below is the list of confirmed seminars for the the first and second terms. All welcome!

The series is coordinated by Dr. John Quinn. Email John at for more information.

Date Location Time Seminar Details
16 Sep G13 Cooperage 4 pm

How deep-diving odontocetes echolocate to forage

Peter Tyack, University of St. Andrews

4 Oct  CEC 7/8 1 pm

Our daily bread: Human exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals

Martin Wagner, Goethe University, Frankfurt

 11 Oct  CEC 7/8 1 pm

Prehistoric colours in fossil insects and feathers

Maria McNamara, UCC

 18 Oct  CEC 7/8 1 pm

Ecosystem functioning in the face of environmental change: lessons from three long-term grassland experiments

Dario Fornara, Queens

 25 Oct  CEC 7/8 1 pm

Upland grazing on the Iveragh Peninsula

Rosalyn Anderson, UCC

1 Nov  CEC 7/8 1 pm

Pine Martens in Ireland

Declan O'Mahoney, Ecological Management Group

 8 Nov  CEC 7/8 1 pm

Dispersal and the 'social fence' hypothesis in badgers

Andrew Byrne, UCD-UCC

15 Nov  CEC 7/8 1 pm

Ecotoxicology of Engineered Nanomaterials

Mark Hartl, Heriot-Watt, Edinburgh

 23 Nov  Main Campus 1 pm

Potential Consequences of Fishery Reforms for Seabird Communities

Steve Votier, University of Exeter

 10 Jan  CEC 7/8 1 pm

Bioprospecting in the Andean Highlands: a non GM approach to the control of potato blight
Dr Barbara Doyle, UCC

 17 Jan  CEC 7/8 1 pm

Vegetation Dynamics, Tortoises and Conservation in the Galapagos Islands
Professor Ole Hamann, University of Copenhagen

24 Jan CEC 7/8 1 pm

Causes and consequences of phenology mismatch in a warming world
Dr Tom Reed, UCC

31 Jan CEC 7/8 1 pm

Assessing and monitoring the impact of a GM potato on the Irish agri-environment

Dr Ewen Mullins, Teagasc

POSTPONED: This seminar has been postponed and will be rescheduled at a later date.

 7 Feb CEC 7/8 1 pm

Measures to sustain and enhance agricultural ecology
Dr Daire Ó hUallacháin, Teagasc

14 Feb CEC 7/8 1 pm

Ecological and societal benefits of jellyfish
Dr Tom Doyle, CMRC, University College Cork

21 Feb CEC 7/8 1pm

Biodiversity, Bioactivity and Evolution in Marine Sponges
Prof Grace McCormack, UCG

Wed., 26 Feb CEC 7/8 4 pm

Dr. Jamie Stevens, University of Exeter

7 March CEC 7/8 1 pm

Aquaponics –using marine and freshwater recirculating systems to demonstrate everything from ecology to engineering
Prof Gavin Burnell, UCC

Thurs.,13 March CEC 7/8 1 pm

Malaria research: Vector diversity and dynamics  (new seminar)
Dr Brian Bourke, University of São Paulo

14 March CEC 7/8 1 pm

What smote smut? How a major crop disease just disappeared
Prof Peter Jones, UCC

BEES Seminar Series 2012-2013 - Archive

Below is an archived timetable for the 2012-2013 seminar series. The series was coordinated by Dr. John Quinn. Email John at for more information.

Date Time Seminar Details
12 Oct 4pm Friday

An ecological characterisation of saltmarshes on peat substrate on the southwest coast of Ireland.

Dr. Grace Cott, UCC

18 Oct  5pm Thursday

Pangaean Rifting: onset of Triassic sedimentation in Nova Scotia, E. Canada.

Professor Brian Williams, Aberdeen University

 26 Oct  4pm Friday

Hen Harriers and land use changes in Ireland.

Dr. Mark Wilson, UCC

 31 Oct  4pm Wednesday

Irish Mineralization and the TELLUS data.

Dr. Garth Earls, former director of the Geological Survey of N. Ireland

 9 Nov  4pm Friday

The evolutionary ecology of cognition.

Dr. Ella Cole, University of Oxford

 22 Nov  5pm Thursday

The ophiolite enigma resolved.

Professor John Dewey, Univeristy College Oxford

 23 Nov  4pm Friday

Collective dispersal effects on neutral population genetics in marine invertebrates.

Dr. Jon Yearsley, UCD

 6 Dec  5pm Thursday


Dr. Adrian Finch, University of St. Andrews

 7 Dec  4pm Friday

Reconstructing the Hg contamination in Lake Geneva from the sediment record.

Dr. Jean-Luc Loizeau, University of Geneva

 11 Jan 2013  4pm Friday

Beacons, decoys and stealth foraging: Echoacoustic communication between bats, moths and flowers.

Dr. Marc Holderied, University of Bristol

 24 Jan  4pm Thursday

Systems in sedimentary basins (A-Z): From intra-basaltic plays, igneous compartmentalization to salt!

Dr. Nick Schofield, University of Birmingham

 25 Jan  4pm Friday

Different approaches to estimating cetacean population size.

Dr. Emer Rogan, UCC

 30 Jan  4pm Wednesday

Mopping up the turbidite mess - again.

Dr. Peter Haughton, UCD

 7 Feb  4pm Thursday

Lateral magma flow in the upper crust: towards a paradigm shift in understanding volcano evolution?

Dr. Craig Magee, Imperial College London

 8 Feb  4pm Friday

Bioprospecting in the Andean Highlands: a non GM approach to the control of potato blight for a low-input sustainable agricultural system.

Dr. Barbara Doyle-Prestwich

 22 Feb  4pm Friday

Targeting conservation action using trait-based frameworks.

Dr. Simon Butler, University of East Anglia

 8 March  4pm Friday

Irish deer populations: the last 14,000 years

Dr. Ruth Carden, UCC

 22 March  4pm Friday

Why are populations of our migrant birds that winter in West Africa declining?

Dr. Will Cresswell, University of St. Andrews


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