Videos produced by BEES Students

  • 02 May 2017

Our 4th-year undergraduate students produced videos as part of the BL4006 Food Production module.

The videos address various issues related to the sustainability of food production, such as greenhouse gas emissions, water use and impact of fertilisers and pesticides on biodiversity. This was the first time that we included video production in one of our undergraduate modules, so this was a steep learning curve for students and staff alike.

Fortunately, we were ably assisted by Ciara Hyland who ran workshops on how to use the software, in addition to giving lots of useful tips. The module coordinators, Astrid Wingler and Sarah Culloty, were impressed with the quality of the videos produced, especially considering that most of the students had no prior experience in video making and no specialised equipment other than their smartphones and computers.

Here a few of the videos we particularly liked:


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