Video Conferencing

Desktop Video Conferencing

Desktop\Laptop Video Conferncing (SKYPE, GOOGLE HANGOUTS, Vid.yo) 

Audio Visual Media Services and IT Services recommends and supports the use of Desktop Video Conferencing.

Desktop Video Conferencing is video conferencing from your Desktop PC.

Laptop Video Conferencing is similar to Desktop Video Conferencing but usually will take place on Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi in UCC can facilitate Video Conferencing but a wired network connection on a Desktop PC will be more reliable.

Desktop\laptop VC Solutions availble in UCC.

Tablet/Phone Video Conferencing

  • For Mobile Tablet or Smartphone Conferencing (FaceTime,Hangouts), connecting to UCC Wi-Fi would be recommended.
  • In-built microphones and cameras will work well but use a headset microphone to ensure the best audio qaulity.
  • A smart device 3/4G mobile would be a slower and less reliable connection than Wi-Fi.
  • Wired Desktop conferencing would be the highest guarantee of speed and reliability.

Tips for a successful Desktop Video Conference.

  • Use a headset\microphone for individual conferencing and an echo cancelation microphone for groups of people around a microphone in the one location. This reduces the chances of both echo and audio feedback.
  • A USB webcamera with built in echo cancellations can be purchased online from recommended UCC suppliers: PC Systems. Logitech C920 or similar is recommended. Go to our AV equipment for more information.
  • For further tips on avoiding echo/feedback at a PC, read this Microsoft Guide to Avoiding Echo, this guide can be useful for issues with non-Microsoft PCs.
  • Some Desktop Conferencing Software options such as VIdyo and Google Hangouts, allow users to adjust the Video Conference internet bandwidth downwards, this saves on latency but will reduce the image and audio quality. This tip is useful if you are connecting to a location with poor bandwidth, such as rural Ireland.
  • Have a basic awareness on how to use the Video Conference Software e.g. Vid.yo, Skype, Google Hangouts - Know how to mute your microphone, mute your own screen, share your desktop, use instant chat, invite multiple users.
  • If in doubt, organise a test with fellow participants in advance of the conference.
  • For more information, read this in-depth guide from Microsoft for avoiding Video Conference issues.

Designated Video Conference Systems

  • AVMS doesn't directly support designated (legacy) Video Conference systems.
  • Go to the Buildings and Estates webpage, for a list of designated VC systems on campus, and if direct support is provided.
  • If organising a VIVA, Exam or Interview where reliability is essential, follow the tips on running a succesfull Desktop Video Conference. Or, contact the support options below.  

Video Conferencing Etiquette

Bear in mind, the time saved travelling can be spent testing and organising, ensuring all is in order for your conference. Video Conferencing can help cut back on travel costs and environmental impact.

  • Have the contact numbers or email addresses of the participant(s) beforehand.
  • Be responsible for your side of the video conference, but send other particpants helpful tips, they may not have support or knowledge available to you.
  • If you have recieved conference details from a piece of desktop software you are unfamiliar with, you need to test in advance.
  • Be conscious of leaving the microphone on before and after the conference, or during a private conversation.
  • A wired, desktop connection will be more reliable than Wi-Fi or 4G. Wireless facilites in UCC are adequate to facilitate conferences but if reliablity is essential, a wired connection is recommended.
  • Do not select to automatically join a conference.
  • If in a larger conference, raise your hand before talking.
  • If using the shared desktop feature, remain logged out of personal email and instant messaging to avoid the display of private messages.

Video Conferencing in centrally booked classrooms

If Video Conferencing from classrooms you will need to release the Camera that's in use from the Panopto Remote Recorder: First, close any VC software you are using e.g. Skype, then click the Panopto Desktop icon and leave the Panopto software open, then re-open the Video Conference software.

  • Desktop Video conferencing is possible from classrooms, but using an office or meeting room would be more suitable.
  • Although there are microphone and camera facilities in classrooms, the classroom design emphasises teaching and lecture capture, rather than Video Conferencing.
  • Microphones in classrooms are designed to capture lecturers in close proximity to the microphone, rather pick up audio from around the room.
  • Wireless Microphones are often linked to the public address audio system in the room, rather than directly to the PC running the VC software.
  • Feedback might become an issue and require adjusting the room volume.
  • If planning a desktop video conference from a classroom, it's recommended to test in advance.
  • See our AV Classroom Info, for a list of rooms with camera and microphone facilities.

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