Not Supported in UCC

UCC does not hold a Zoom site license and therefore is unable provide technical support for the use of Zoom.

Please see the comparative table below for alternative recommended and supported platforms:

  Microsoft Teams Google Meet Zoom
Campus Licence available through UCC Yes Yes No
Data protection agreement with UCC Yes Yes No
Supported by IT Services Yes Yes No
Online Chat Yes Yes -
One-to-One or One-to-Group calls Up to 25 participants Up to 100 participants -
Scheduled Meetings Up to 250 participants up to 250 participants -
Live Webinar/Event Streaming Up to 10,000 participants Up to 100,000 participants -
Recording Available Yes (saved to O365 Stream) Yes (saved to Google Drive) -
External Participants Yes Yes -
Create a Meeting through Canvas Yes No -
Breakout rooms Coming Autumn 2020 No
Virtual Backgrounds Yes No

Invitations To Attend Zoom Meeting Hosted By External Organisation

UCC does not support Zoom, however it is possible that you may be invited to attend a meeting with an external organisation, which is organized using Zoom. If so, you can still attend that meeting, but below are some tips to make it more secure for you and everyone else.

Stop Zoombombing

This is when unwanted individuals access Zoom meetings, sometimes sharing offensive material to others in the meeting.

  • Be careful how you share the Zoom meeting ID.  The 9-digit meeting ID should not be publicly shared e.g. through twitter or a web page
  • Use a random ID when you schedule a meeting rather than using your personal one.
  • Enable the meeting room option where people are put on hold before being allowed to join by the organiser.
  • When you are sure that all participants are in a meeting use the Lock Meeting setting in  the Manage Participants>More menu.

Restrict Screen Sharing

  • In your Zoom account settings on the web there is a Screen sharing option located in the In Meeting section.  Here you can stop the sharing of desktops or apps by other users. This can be granted at a later stage if required.  This setting is also available in the Advanced Sharing options when in a Zoom meeting.

Be Conscious of Privacy Concerns

  • This is a fast evolving area with Zoom making many changes due to the scrutiny they have been under due to the large increase in users.  They have deactivated an attention feature that alerted the meeting organiser if you used another app on your computer during a Zoom meeting and they now alert when a meeting is being recorded, both welcome developments.  It should be noted that there are still concerns over the logging of chat where if you save a chat it will save private chats along with public ones.



My service provider or research partner uses Zoom to provide for video or audio conferencing. Can I use Zoom?

  • Microsoft Teams is the preferred communication and collaboration platform in UCC. External users can be invited to a scheduled meeting in Teams by a UCC Staff member, as a guest.
  • If it is not possible to use Microsoft Teams, for data privacy reasons, we would ask that external partners are using Zoom Enterprise.
  • The free version of Zoom is not as is not recommended for use for UCC official Business, due to data privacy concerns. It is not compliant with our Data Privacy policy

I am concerned about my personal information while using online Collaboration tools. Does Microsoft scan my messages and files on Teams for advertising?

  • Microsoft does not scan your email, documents, or teams for advertising or for purposes that are not service-related. Microsoft doesn't have access to uploaded content. More info here: 

 Does Microsoft Teams have the ability to set up  breakout rooms like Zoom?

  • This feature is due to be released in Teams later in Autumn 2020. You currently have the ability to schedule multiple meetings at the same time using Teams which could provide a similar experience.

Zoom allows me to view multiple call participants at the same time. How do I view more than four participants in Microsoft Teams?

  • Currently, up to 9 participants can be viewed on screen. Later this year,  Microsoft Teams will allow you to increase the number of participants shown in the main meeting window to 7x7 which allow up to 49 participants onscreen at once.

 Is there a raise your hand feature in Microsoft Teams?

  • This feature is now available. More info here

Can I create a virtual backdrop in Microsoft Teams?

  • This feature is now available.
    • Before you join a call or meeting, you will see an option to toggle Background effects, along with  audio and video,

    • You will now see a panel open up on the right side showing different backgrounds including the option to blur backgrounds

    • If you want to use custom images, click on Add new on the top of the panel and navigate to the image

    • Once you have selected and added the image, scroll down to the bottom of the panel and you will see the image you just uploaded

    • Click on the image and it will be set as the background

    • You can find some UCC backgrounds to download and use here

    • To do this during a meeting, in the meeting controls bar click the More actions button and then select Show background effects.

    • If you do not see the option for Background effects, it is due to the fact that you device does not support this feature.




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