Vidyo - Video Conference Software

Personal Video Conferencing in UCC

Vidyo is HD Desktop Video conferencing provided by the HEAnet.

Vidyo enables you to schedule meetings using Outlook, invite guests by email, record the meeting and stream the meeting live to hundreds of participants. It facilitates collaboration between participants using HD video, wherever they are in the world.

Once an account is activated, a virtual meeting room is created specifically for that account. Participants with user accounts can create their own meetings and invite participants by sending them an email link to the meeting. 


Make a call to, or call from a legacy Video Conferencing system

When calling a legacy Video Conferencing room (older room-based video conferencing systems are called legacy systems) the room numbers can be presented in two ways, as an IP number or a GDS number.

So the numbers would look something like this,

  • As an IP: or
  • As a GDS: 003530110051

Enter the number as shown and then press the Call button.



Receiving a call from a Legacy Video Conferencing system


The party who is calling you will need to use the following IP number  Where xxxx is your extension number, listed under your contact information. You must be connected to your virtual room for this to work.

In the example above Tony Belle’s extension number is 102325443.

So the number someone would dial for Tony Belle, will read 

Make a call to a HEAnet Virtual Conference room

Many people are invited to a video conference  or a meeting with other University groups in a HEAnet virtual conference room. Each University has a number of rooms available for their use. HEAnet provides these virtual meeting rooms free of charge.


The number of the HEAnet virtual room can appear in two different ways. As an IP number or as a GDS number

  • As an IP: Dial or
  • As a GDS: Dial 003530110051xxx

Where xxx is the Virtual room number you want to dial at the HEAnet, for example, at AVMS we have access to room 209. So the IP number above reads and the GDS reads 003530110051209. 

‌‌Vidyo_Calling to HEAnet


Make a Call


Person to Person

You may contact people directly if they are registered on the system. By typing in their name into the search box you will be presented with options [2] Select the correct one[1] . Please note there is a common directory across all colleges registered with the HEAnet.  You may call someone directly [6] or call into their virtual room [5] as appropriate. See video instructions on how to do this here.

Downloading the Software and Logging In

Go to the web site

Enter your UCC email address as the user name and the Password is your central domain password (the password you use to login to your computer each day) and download the software.


Follow the steps illustrated below to download the software

You can also see video instructions on how to do this here.


For Subsequent Logins

Go to However for subsequent logins you do need to have the software already open (You can do this as illustrated below or by searching for "Vidyo" in the search box in Windows Start menu)

 Vidyo Subsequent Login


Vidyo Extension for Microsoft Outlook

The Vidyo Extension for Microsoft Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013 will create a shortcut button on your Outlook tool bar which will enable you to add your Vidyo conference room to your meeting invitations with a single click.



Controls Explained

View a list of all conference participants and chat with them individually; invite participants to the conference.
Chat with all participants as part of the conference group chat.
Support video

Select how to view the participants’ video windows during the conference and control the maximum no of windows.
Support video

Enter and Exit full screen mode.
Support video
Select the application or screen you want to share in
the conference.
Support video

Toggle among the applications or screens that are being shared during the conference
Support video 

Toggle self view preferences
Support video

Show or hide (switch on and off) the video feed from your camera

Mute, unmute, and control your speakerphone volume


Opens the settings Page



End conference

Recording your meeting

‌Vidyo also allows you the ability to record your, conference meeting or lecture for reviewing or sharing later.
You can do this in two ways

1. Right click on the vidyo icon on the right hand side of the system tray and select Manage Account.


Select Control meeting  on the top right hand  corner of your screen as illustrated below. The Record meeting button will appear on the bottom right. Please note this button will only be highlighted when in a call. User Guide 2.2A

2. Click on the view participants tab.


This will open the control meeting Panel as illustrated below. Click on Launch Control Meeting Panel tab as indicated by the arrow in the illustration below. This will launch the Launch Control Meeting page illustrated above in a new browser window. The Record meeting button will appear on the bottom right. Please note this button will only be highlighted when in a call.
Download a copy of the User Guide 2.2A


Invite people by email to your own Virtual Room

Each account holder has access to their own virtual meeting room. You may invite up to 15 people to attend a Meeting or Lecture in this virtual meeting room. You can access the room by following the steps below. See video instructions on how to do this here.

One of the main advantages of Vidyo is You can invite anyone who has an internet connection, a computer and a web camera to a meeting. They need no special software only an invitation.
So once you have entered the room, you can invite people by email. That email will contain all the necessary information to connect. See video instructions on how to do this here. 


Vidyo schedule a meeting    

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