Teams Webinar

Teams provide the ability to run a webinar via their application. This enables you to have external speakers present during the event and allows for registration to collect information about who will be attending. This is a perfect option for conferences or optional speaking events.  

  1. Open your calendar.    
  2. On the top right, select New meeting > Webinar

  3. Add the meeting titledate and time information, and details

  4. Add required presenters – this is who will be presenting the webinar, you are automatically included but to create a meeting link you must add someone to this field, there can be more than one person. Speakers that are not part of UCC can be added here with their email and will be able to access the event without the need for a Teams account. 
  5. Optional presenters – do not have to be filled in. It can be anyone you wish to give presenting access to, ie. Tutor. 
  6. Copy Webinar link and share via email, Canvas announcement etc. 
  7. Further settings relating to lobby's, presenting permissions etc. can be found under Meeting options. 

Optional: Registration for attendees 

  1. If requiring registration for attendees: View Registration Form

     This is what attendees that register for the event will see.
  2. Event detail: fill out as you did in the previous details section.  
  3. Add fields based on the information you want from registration, eg. nameemail, department etc. 
  4. Save registration form. 
  5. Copy registration link and share via email, announcement or paste to a webpage. 
  6. Attendees will receive an email after registering which will be how they access the event. 



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