Teams Live Event

Teams Live Events is an extension of Teams meetings, enabling you to produce events for large online audiences with more control over video, audience interaction, and reporting. Live Events facilitate up to 10,000 attendees, so they are perfect for larger group events. They also facilitate a specially designed Q&A chat box, where you or another event producer can answer queries in real time, either privately or publicly.

This Youtube video on Teams Live Events gives a good overview.


  1. Open your calendar. 
  2. On the top right, select New meeting > New live event 
  3. Add the meeting title, date and time information, and details. 
  4. On the right, select your own role (presenter/producer). Producers are the organisers of the meeting and they curate the live meeting, sending presenters to the live feed and answering questions. Presenters are the people who will present.
  5. In the Invite people to your event group box, add the names of the people who will be presenting and producing the event. 
    Tip: if you intend to feature a Q&A, it is advisable to have at least one additional producer to manage that aspect while you present. 
  6. Select Next. 
  7. Under Live event permissions, choose who can attend your live event - org-wide will allow people within UCC to join, and Public is ideal if external users will be attending. 
  8. Make selections under How do you plan to produce your event? 
    Important: The Q&A feature is set to off by default. If you wish to include a Q&A, ensure you tick the Q&A checkbox. This cannot be altered once the live event has been scheduled, so you would have to cancel the event and start over to change it. 

    You can also choose whether the event is recorded and made available to attendees (or just producers and presenters) after
    the fact. An Attendee engagement report is included by default. This is very useful after the fact for pulling statistics from and the full Q&A. 
  9. Select Schedule
  10. Select the Get attendee link to copy the unique code. Include this code in whatever correspondence you issue inviting attendees (e.g. email or Canvas.).  


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