Linking videos to Blackboard

Provisioning Courses to Panopto


One of the advantages of Panopto is its ability to record your presentation directly to your Blackboard course and only allow students registered to that course to view that video.

To do this you must first provision your Blackboard course to Panopto. This creates a folder on the Panopto server under your course name and links that folder to your Blackboard account. We recommend each lecturer do this themselves, following the steps below for each course.

  • Log in to Blackboard. In a content area in Blackboard, choose Tools, and then Panopto Content.
  • Then you are presented with notice "Course is not yet provisioned with Panopto" along with a button "Add Course to Panopto". Press this button. The process may take a moment for the folder to Provision.
  • You will be prompted with a confirmation dialogue. Click ‘Add Course to Panopto.
  • Next you need to choose which folder to use. This will also list other modules that you are teaching which are also provisioned with Panopto, so you could share the same videos amongst multiple modules. Generally, you should probably accept the default folder.
  • You are now ready to add the actual videos to your Blackboard site. This will ask you for the folder (usually this will be the same title as your module), and then the actual lecture. You can also add a lecture title and a description.


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