Installing Panopto Recorder

Installing Panopto Recorder on your computer

InstallingPanopto You can install the Panopto Recorder client on any UCC computer or laptop as long as it has Windows or Mac OSX installed. The minimum recommended processor is a Core 2 Duo or equivalent and 2 GB of RAM. You also need a USB webcam or a built-in laptop webcam to record material. You can also record with a microphone only, if you don't want to record video, but still want slides and audio voice-over recorded. Also note that it is possible to use a webcam in a microphone-only mode, this often provides better sound quality than the laptop's built-in microphone. Of course, USB microphones work very well, too.‌


To install the software, please follow these steps below:


1. Go to (*** NOTE: from 4th of August 2017, the address will change to

2. Log in with your Blackboard credentials. After you log in, you should see the Record button as shown in the next step. If it is not visible,
please email so that we can give permissions to your account to download the software.
If you don't have a Blackboard account, please email and we will create a Panopto user account for you.




3. Click on the Record button at the top right corner.


4. Download the appropriate recorder for your computer (either Windows or MacOSX).


5. Install the recorder by executing the file you just downloaded.



6. Then you can log in to the application and start recording.


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