Classroom AV info

To book a venue:  Go to the UCC Resource Booker page or email 

All classrooms have a PC with internet access. All centrally-booked rooms have Wi-fi.

Panopto can be used in all rooms that have either a mic, a webcam or a ceiling-mounted camera installed. More than 90% of centrally-booked rooms have Panopto capability.

Included software: Windows 10, PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Skype, VLC Player, Vidyo, Panopto Lecture Capture and Wireless Screensharing Software Mirroring360.

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Classrooms have Extron Controller Room Instructions on the lecterns which allow you to toggle between inputs to the screen, e.g. Laptop or PC, adjust the volume and switch on and off the projector

Please note that overhead acetate projectors are no longer supported. Most larger rooms now have visualizers/document cameras to offer similar functionality, which can also be recorded on Panopto.

For more details on equipment use or to Log a fault, see our AV Support page

Excel spreadsheet containing the information below is available UCC Classroom AV Information


Further Information

See this PDF of UCC Room Information for a campus map and photos of all the rooms.

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