Design and installation of AV systems

  • AVMS is the principle designer and installer of audio visual systems in UCC. Our goal is to deliver high quality, state of the art, reliable, functional and user friendly systems.
  • AVMS design and install tailored AV systems in departmental areas such as seminar rooms, meeting rooms and laboratories.
  • We work closely with IT Services, Academic & Support Staff and Buildings and Estates when teaching areas are being developed or upgraded.
  • The team are experienced and fully equipped to manage projects from small single room to major AV installations across UCC.
  • Most of our installation work is done over the summer holidays when teaching areas are free.
  • Our designs follow guidelines set by Avixa – a leading international Audio Visual organisation, taking into account requirements particular to UCC and the teaching community.

Installation Guidelines

  • When planning a new audio visual installation AVMS need to be consulted from the outset of the project.
  • On large projects AVMS will at all stages need to consult with Project Managers, Architects and Electricians and End users.
  • AVMS need to be contacted at least one month in advance of any new project, large or small.
  • Consulutation with the Instructional Design team is advised for ideas on collaborative and flexible learning spaces
  • For new installations and refurbishments, AVMS will need to be given full access to work areas and adequate time allotted to complete the Audio Visual portion of the project.
  • Individual departments must bear the cost of installation and maintenance of departmental AV equipment.
  • AVMS will only install excellent, reliable equipment and will not endorse equipment installed by unconsulted third parties.
  • The total cost of ownership includes reliability, longevity and cost of maintenance.

Audio Visual Media Services

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