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Alumni Spotlight: Emerald de Leeuw

4 Apr 2017
Emerald de Leeuw

Combining Law and Technology

Emerald de Leeuw is the CEO of EuroComply, a software company that helps companies manage their Data Protection compliance. She was recently named European Innovator of the Year 2017 by the European Commission, Parliament and EYIF in Brussels. Emerald is also a lecturer in Technology and Data Protection Law with the Law Society of Ireland.


Course/subjects studied in UCC

I moved from The Netherlands on a full scholarship to do a masters in E-Law and Intellectual Property (1:1) at the Law Faculty in 2012. In 2015 I completed a second Masters in Business Information Systems (1:1).


Best memory of UCC

Where do I start? I loved it all.

My best memory is an unconventional one. I was sitting in the UCC library with two bachelor degrees in law and a masters in E-Law & IP under my belt. I had moved country to specialise in this area and I ended up specialising specifically in Data Protection, an area that is becoming increasingly important. It was shortly after participating in ... read more

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