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19.12.2017 Gender Audits

  • Jennifer Finney Boylan to speak at UCC

    02 Oct
    Jennifer Finney Boylan to speak at UCC

    Activist, author and professor Jennifer Finney Boylan is one of the best known transgender women in the work.

    Listen to her speak on Gender and Resistance at the School of English, UCC, O'Rahilly Building Room 2.12, Wednesday 4th October, 3-4 p.m.

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  • Gender Bias in Academe

    12 Sep
    Gender Bias in Academe

    Academic research plays an important role in uncovering bias and helping to shape a more equal society.  But academia also struggles to adequately confront persistent and entrenched gender bias in its own corridors.

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12.07.2017 Inspirefest 2017