Title: Cloud based Electronic integrAtion of patient Records (CLEAR)



There is a challenge facing healthcare due to increasing levels of chronic illness and multimorbidity. Health systems use a “silo” approach; treating each disease individually across multiple clinical disciplines, at disperse healthcare facilities. Health data generated by these interactions and continuous data from telemonitoring devices creates huge issues with data quality, reliability, accessibility and overload. It is recognised that this is neither a sustainable model economically nor effective for patient care.


Electronic Health Records (EHRs) are one solution for improving the quality of medical care. While EHRs have achieved some success, many fail due to; 1) implementation problems such as lack of interoperability standards, poor data integrity/quality and utilising a “big bang” approach instead of incremental development, 2) lack of clinical input and “human factors” in the design of the user interface, and 3) cost.



The Cloud based Electronic integrAtion of patient Records (CLEAR) platform will develop and evaluate a novel cloud based EHR system for the diagnosis and management of diabetic patients – one of the commonest presentations in healthcare requiring both primary care and specialist expertise.  CLEAR aims to: 


  • Create an independent cloud based EHR to enable communication between disperse healthcare providers and patients.
  • Integrate and analyse high volume parallel data streams from multiple systems, devices and biomarkers.
  • Develop new multiple user interface standards based on human factors and cognitive science.
  • Evaluate the impact of CLEAR on patient quality of life and outcomes.
  • Collaborate with industry to commercialise opportunities.



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