Date:  2 May 2018

08:00 to 17:00

UCC ASSERT Centre, Brookfield, Cork


Fee €250 Payable to “ASSERT Centre”


PRiME Application Form


The Goal of PRiME is to collegially share our experience in Prehospital Emergency Medicine to empower you to confidently manage an unexpected encounter with a critically ill or injured patient at work, on the way home or at leisure.

Mindful of our busy schedules, we’ve really stripped every aspect of this course back to what we really need to know as doctors in an emergency. We’ve an eclectic mix of pre-course materials, which on the surface will prepare you; but we’re secretly confident will stimulate you to dive deeper into the wonderful #FOAMed world of Prehospital #MEDutainment.

The course is simple. Approximately Six hours of Preparation on your part, followed by a day of interactive skills stations and short punchy lectures with our friendly faculty of Psychiatry, Emergency Medicine, Paramedicine and Fire & Rescue Personnel.





Room 2.103, 2nd floor, University College Cork, College Road, Cork City