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Irish Assoc for Asian Studies (IAAS) International Conference:

Irish Association for Asian Studies (IAAS) International Conference:

The Department of Asian Studies will convene the Second Annual International IAAS Conference at UCC from June 9th-June 10th 2017: (then add this link): 

MA TCSOL Seminar Series

Seminar Series

Conference of the Irish Institute of Japanese Studies

Inaugural Conference of the Irish Institute of Japanese Studies:
HE Ms. Mari Miyoshi, Ambassador of Japan, to visit UCC

Friday 22nd - Saturday 23rd of April


College Council Room

Ambassador’s Address
H.E. Mari Miyoshi

Niall Duggan (University College Cork)
The role of Japan in the G20

Gerald Cipriani
Cultural Identity, Western Phenomenology and The Kyoto School'

6:15 Rakugo performance

SATURDAY, April 23rd
(O'Rahilly G27. Cacsss Seminar Room)

Rudi Capra
zen patterns in japanese arts

Raquel Bouso
Nothingness as an expressive field. The Kyoto School and the Way of Art

Adam Loughnane.

Film “Voices of Nothingness” Thomas Roth

Till Weingärtner
Translations and Transformations of Rakugo-Comedy on the Global Stage

Ryoko Sasamoto (Dublin City University)
Images, Word and Meaning in Japanese Media: From the Perspective of Cognitive Pragmatics

Barbara Geraghty (University of Limerick)
The Perils of Outside Contact for Ryukyu

All welcome to attend.

5 Years after Japan’s Triple Disaster - 3 Events at UCC

5 Years after Japan’s Triple Disaster

Three events with Filmmaker Ian Thomas Ash at University College Cork

This March marks the 5th anniversary of the Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami and the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster. To commemorate the victims and to learn more about the plight of the people living in the affected regions who are suffering in the aftermath of the catastrophe, The Irish Institute of Japanese Studies and the School of Asian Studies are proud to present a number of screenings and talks with Tokyo-based filmmaker Ian Thomas Ash.

1 March 2016 (Tuesday)


18:00, in “Boole 4” Lecture Theatre

Screening of Ian Thomas Ash's documentary film A2-B-C (2013) followed by a Q&A with the director.

Eighteen months after the nuclear meltdown, children in Fukushima are suffering from severe nosebleeds and are developing skin rashes and thyroid cysts and nodules. Citing a lack of transparency in the official medical testing of their children and the ineffectiveness of the decontamination of their homes and schools, the children’s mothers take radiation monitoring into their own hands.

A2-B-C has been shown around the world and has received a number of prestigious awards, including the Nippon Visions Award for best film by a new-coming Japan-based director at the Nippon Connection Film Festival in Germany. 

Information and trailer:

2 March 2016 (Wednesday)

Public Seminar with Ian Thomas Ash

13:00-15:00, Food Science Building Room 322

In this public seminar, Ian Thomas Ash will talk about his work as a documentary filmmaker and will present a number of clips from his portfolio. 

2 March 2016 (Wednesday)


Screening of an early version ("rough cut") of Ian Thomas Ash's new film Unavoidable, will be followed by a Q&A with Ian Thomas Ash

16:00-18:00, in “Boole 6”

This work-in-progress screening of the latest film about the Fukushima nuclear disaster by Ian Thomas Ash (In the Grey Zone, 2012, and A2-B-C, 2013), is a collection of some of the dozens of oral histories he has collected since the nuclear disaster in 2011. Previously unpublished footage from his two feature documentaries about the Fukushima nuclear disaster, which contain meanings that only passing time could have revealed, is combined with the testimonies he has filmed in the period spanning nearly five years since the nuclear catastrophe.

'Dying for an iPhone' Dr. Jenny Chan public lecture 25 Feb

The School of Asian Studies is happy to invite you to a public seminar/lecture on 25 February with our guest Dr. Jenny Chan from the University of Oxford on the topic of "Dying for an iPhone: Chinese Workers and Student Interns in Apple’s Supply Chain". Everyone interested is welcome to attend.

Dr. Jenny Chan (University of Oxford)
Dying for an iPhone: Chinese Workers and Student Interns in Apple’s Supply Chain

Time: 25 February, 4pm
Venue: Safari/Carrigbawn Annex
Based on fieldwork in Guangdong and Sichuan provinces, Jenny Chan’s co-authored book, Dying for an iPhone, narrates the tragic suicides and collective resistance by young workers at the million-strong Taiwanese-owned Foxconn Technology Group (with Ngai PUN and Mark SELDEN, forthcoming, Rowman & Littlefield). Foxconn is the world’s largest maker of iPhones and other high-tech digital products. Within the tight delivery deadlines, some Foxconn workers leveraged their power to disrupt just-in-time production to demand higher pay and better conditions. While all these labour struggles were short-lived and limited in scope to a single factory, protestors exposed the injustice of ‘iSlavery,’ garnering wide media attention and civil society support.
In the course of multi-year investigation since 2010, Jenny and her team encountered students as young as 15, who were pressured to work at labour-hungry Foxconn factories in the guise of ‘internship.’ There has been scant attention to teenaged student interns as temporary or contingent workers in the actual workplace setting. At a time of slowing growth and ageing population, properly trained interns will play a central role in China’s development and far beyond. The massive use of interns as ‘flexible’ and cheap workers in global production, with the full backing of local states, however, is a cause of concern.
Jenny Chan (PhD in Sociology, 2014) is Lecturer in Contemporary China Studies in the School of Interdisciplinary Area Studies, and Junior Research Fellow of Kellogg College, University of Oxford. She also serves as Board Member of the International Sociological Association’s Research Committee on Labor Movements (2014-2018). Her recent articles have appeared in Current Sociology, Modern China, Critical Asian Studies, Asian Studies (Official Journal of the Asian Studies Association of Hong Kong), Human Relations, Global Labour Journal, The Asia-Pacific Journal, The South Atlantic Quarterly, New Labor Forum, and New Technology, Work and Employment. Prior to pursuing her doctorate in University of London, she was Chief Coordinator of Hong Kong-based non-profit labour rights group, SACOM (Students and Scholars Against Corporate Misbehaviour).

IIKS Conference 2013

Korean Studies Conference Programme 2013

Korean Studies Conference 2013 Flyer 1

Korean Studies Conference 2013 Flyer 2

ASIA Conference 2012

3rd Annual Conference of the Asia Studies Ireland Association

29-30th September at University College Cork with the theme of Asia's Rise and Its Impact on Europe and Ireland: Challenges and Opportunities

The annual conference is taking place 29-30th September with the theme of Asia's Rise and Its Impact on Europe and Ireland: Challenges and opportunities. 

Details can be found from following downloadable conference programme.

Update 10/11/2011

ASIA report 2011

ASIA 2011 flyer 1

ASIA 2011 flyer 2

Please also click here to access the selected conference photos.


Zhao Lihong Lecture 2011

Changes in Chinese Literature over the last 30 Years

Mr Zhao Lihong, one of China’s most gifted poets and authors, is invited by UCC School of Asian Studies to deliver a lecture on ‘Changes in Chinese Literature over the last 30 Years’. The Lecture will take place on 17th February 2011.

UCC School of Asian Studies

Public Lecture

Changes in Chinese Literature over the Last 30 Years


Mr. Zhao Lihong


Thursday, 17th February 2011, at 13:00


Room 263, Brookfield Health Sciences Complex


 Poetry is the Depiction of the Heart


Thursday, 17th February 2011, at 15:30


Room G05, Brookfield Health Sciences Complex


Mr Zhao Lihong, one of China's most gifted poets and authors, will visit UCC today to  deliver a lecture  and a seminar  to UCC staff and students. The topic of the lecture is “The  Changes in Chinese Literature over the Last 30 Years”. The topic of the Seminar is “Poetry is the Depiction of the Heart”. Both lecture and seminar will be held in  Brookfield Health Sciences Complex  in the afternoon  (1pm and 3.30pm) of 17th February 2011. The events are jointly organised by the UCC School of Asian Studies and the Munster Literature Centre.

Zhao Lihong was born in Shanghai in 1952. He started writing in 1970 and graduated in Chinese literature from the East China Normal University. Zhao currently holds several positions: Director of the China Writers Association, vice-president of the Shanghai Writers Association, Member of Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, the publisher of Shanghai Literature a monthly magazine, and editor-in-chief of Shanghai Poets a bi-monthly journal. He is also a guest professor with East China Normal University and Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

Zhao has published more than 70 works in poetry, prose and report literature. His writings have influenced many new writers and he has won several literary awards. A number of his works are part of the Chinese primary and secondary schools and college syllabus. His works have been translated into several foreign languages.

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Zhao Lihong

Zhao Lihong

Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Lecture 2011

Public Lecture: Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

19:00 to 21:00, Wednesday, 26th January 2011

Room G04, Brookfield Health Sciences Complex, UCC

Chengdu Conference 2010

International Conference: Nationalism, Orientalism and Globalism: the Asian Games, Asian Sports and the Rising Asia

A two day International Conference entitled 'Nationalism, Orientalism and Globalism: the Asian Games, Asian Sports and the Rising Asia' took place in Chengdu, China between December 6th and 7th 2010.

20 distinguished academics from America, Australia, China, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, and UK gathered at Chengdu Sport University and discusserd the Asian Games and Asian sports from various perspectives. They focused on original research and first-hand material from archives across Asia and addressed a number of issues in relation to the Asian Games and Asian sports including: politics, policy and Asian sports; nationalism and cultural identity; Orientalism, globalism and the Asian Games; commercialisation of the Asian Games and Asian sports; Asian sports and social development; Asian sports and diplomacy.

The conference was jointly organized with Chengdu Sport University which has a distinguished sports history research centre; The International Journal of the History of Sport (IJHS), Routledge; and the School of Asian Studies at University College Cork, Ireland. It is intended that selected papers will be published in The International Journal of the History of Sport  in 2012.

Chengdu programme

The Opening Ceremony of the International Conference

The Opening Ceremony of the International Conference

Scholars visit the Museum of Traditional Chinese Sports at Chengdu Sport University

Scholars visit the Museum of Traditional Chinese Sports at Chengdu Sport University

Asia Focus Series 2010

The Inaugural Seminar in the Asia Focus Series

The Asia Studies Ireland Association invite you to join the first event in the Asia Focus Series, an address by Dick Spring, Executive Vice-Chairman of FEXCO & former Tánaiste and Minister of Foreign Affairs on 28 April 2010


Invitation to the Inaugural Seminar in the Asia Focus Series

Speaker: Dick Spring

Topic: Why Asia Matters

Professor Fan Hong and Dr Thomas P. Hardiman of the Asia Studies Ireland Association are honoured to invite you to join them for the first event in the Asia Focus Series, an address by Dick Spring, Executive Vice-Chairman of FEXCO & former Tánaiste and Minister of Foreign Affairs.

The aim of the Asia Focus Series is to encourage a deeper understanding & awareness of developments in Asia together with a focus on their impact on the EU, in particular on Ireland. The event will provide a unique opportunity to hear directly from a distinguished who has been engaged successively in both the diplomatic and business sectors with Asia.

The event will be chaired by Dr Paul Gillespie, former Foreign Editor of the Irish Times and hosted by the Chester Beatty Library on Wednesday, 28 April from 18:00 to 20:00 hrs. As many of you will know, the Library is currently hosting ‘Telling Images of China’, a major exhibition of thirty-eight paintings from the Shanghai Museum.

Places are limited and by invitation only. Attendance is free but pre-registration is required. Please RSVP to by Monday, 26 April.

Ambassadors' Lecture Series 2010

If the forecasters are correct, this will be the century when Asia emerges as the dominant economic force in the world. How the West responds now, therefore, will be critical to each country’s success or failure in the decades ahead.

Tomorrow, October 20th, University College Cork begins a series of lectures involving the key Asian ambassadors to Ireland, aimed at highlighting the opportunities and challenges for Irish people who, increasingly, will look to the East for a brighter future.

The series will begin tomorrow, October 20th, with the Ambassador of Japan to Ireland, His Excellency Toshinao Urabe, and continue until January 12th next when His Excellency Yuri Octavian Thamrin, Indonesian Ambassador to Ireland, will give the closing talk. Between now and January, the ambassadors of India, His Excellency P.S. Raghavan; Pakistan, His Excellency Naghmana Hashmi; Phillipines, His Excellency Ariel Y. Abadilla; Australia, His Excellency Bruce David, and China, His Excellency Liu Biwei, will offer fresh perspectives on Asian culture, innovation, export opportunities for Irish manufacturers and the potential jobs Exc3e

This year, UCC’s School of Asian Studies will launch Ireland’s first MA in Asian Studies and MScin Asian Business Studies. The series has been organised both to accompany the new programmes and to alert Irish graduates and business people to the global shift in the economic power base. The need for a deeper understanding of Asian societies, languages, politics and economies, has never been as important, and the lecture series is designed to present new insights that will help to chart the way forward. As well as focusing on economic issues, the ambassadors will discuss cultural ties between their countries and Ireland, the business vista in each country and how Ireland’s role in a resurgent Asia might develop in the future.

The ambassadors’ lecture series will take place in the Council Room, North Wing, UCC on the following dates:

Japan:          Japanese Ambassador Toshinao Urabe, October 20th 2010

India:           Indian Ambassador  P.S. Raghavan, November 3rd 2010

Pakistan:     Pakistani Ambassador Naghmana Hashmi, November 24th 2010

Philippines:  Philippines Ambassador Ariel Y. Abadilla, December 1st 2010

Australia:     Australian Ambassador Bruce David, December 8th 2010

China:          Chinese Ambassador Liu Biwei, December 15th 2010

Indonesia:    Indonesian Ambassador Yuri Octavian Thamrin, January 12th 2011

IIKS Seminar Series 2010

Introduction and Pre-modern History of Korea

The Irish Institute of Korean Studies at UCC organises a seminar series on Korean History in May 2010.

Seminar Series

May 4th to June 1st, every Tuesday afternoon at 3-5PM

ORB 303


Professor Sung-Eul Cho

Irish Institute of Korean Studies, UCC

All welcome!

  • 1st lecture: May 4 , 2010. Topic: Introduction and Pre-modern History of Korea
  • 2nd lecture: May 11, 2010. Topic: Modern and Contemporary History of Korea
  • 3rd lecture: May 18, 2010. Topic: Pre-modern Culture of Korea
  • 4th lecture: May 25, 2010. Topic: Modern and Contemporary Culture of Korea
  • 5th lecture: 27th May  2010. Topic: Korean History and Culture in East Asia and the World

ASIA Conference 2010

ASIA Annual Conference 2010

The 3rd annual conference of the Asian Studies Ireland Association will take place at UCC on Nov. 26, 2010.

3rd Annual Conference

The New Asia Realities

Hosted by University College Cork

26 November 2010


The 2010 conference will feature a keynote address by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, MrMicheál Martin, TD, the Asian Ambassadors Round Table Dialogue and a series of panels on the theme of the ‘New Asia Realities’.

The current global financial crisis has highlighted the strengths and weaknesses of the emerging and established Asian economies. This accelerates the recalibration of power and influence in the region and between Asia, Europe and the United States. How do the different states in Asia cope with the challenge? How have the societies reacted to these changes? The ASEAN Charter poses questions about integration taking into account the European model. What is the likelihood of an Asian currency unit in the longer term? What are the implications for Ireland and Europe, politically, economically and culturally?

We invite contributions from established as well as young academics from the fields of area studies, history, sociology, political science, economics, business and sports studies. Please send an abstract of 500 words and a short CV (100 words) to Miss Wu Weiyi on

The deadline for proposals is 30 June 2010. A selection committee will decide in early July and letters of notification will be sent out by mid-July.

Full papers have to be submitted by 1 November 2010. The best paper will undergo a process of peer review and will be published either in a special monograph or special issue of a suitable academic journal.

UCC PhD Students Seminar 2010

Ph.D Students Seminar

School of Asian Studies is hosting a PhD students Seminar. All the PhD students in the school will present their research projects at the seminar.The first seminar will take place on Febrary 23, 2010.




Date and Venue


International relations


ORB_G42  17:00-19:30

Niall Duggan


Fahmeda Naheed

China and India as emerging great powers: their foreign policies towards global system

Sinead O Callaghan


Zhang Muchun

Sino-Indian Relations between 1950's and the 21th Century


Social Studies


ORB_145  17:00-19:30

Bi Yantao

Political Communication in Contemporary China

Wu Weiyi

Unsettled Enquiry of Self-identity under Two-way Exclusions: A Cultural Study on the “Educated Youth” and the “Phoenix” in Urbanization Process of Contemporary China (1949-2009)

David O'Brien

Conflict and Control: Ethnic Relations and Politics in Xinjiang

Feng Jing

Urbanization and sports participation in China


Social Science


ORB_145  17:00-19:30

Zhang Ling

A Study of Chinese Elite Athletes' Re-employment

Helen Louise Murphy

Mary Wollstonecraft, Mary Shelley, and Chinese May Fourth Feminist Writers: A Comparative Analysis

Shan Yuwu

The Missionary Society of St.Columban and Its Chinese Followers (1916-2009)

Huang Haibo

Preparing for and Adapting to the Likely Consequences of Sea Level Rise -- Assessment of Using Geovisualization Techniques


Sport Studies


ORB_145  17:00-19:30

Huang Fuhua

The Globalization of Sport: NBA in China – A New Game in A New Era

Shen Liang

Politics, policy and sport: The Transition of The Chinese Sport in Post Mao Era?1978-2008?

Lu Zhouxiang

Sport and Nationalism – a Comparative Study between China and Ireland

Liu Hui

The Development of Sport in Modern China (1840-1949)


Please contact the individual speakers if you need the details of the presentations. You can find speakers' email addresses Here.

ASIA Inaugural Conference 2008

Asian Studies Ireland Association (ASIA)'s first annual international conference took place at Jurys Hotel, Western Road, Cork on Friday Nov. 14th, 2008

IICS Annual Conference 2008

The Rise of Asia and the Challenge for Europe


IICS’s second annual international conference, The Rise of Asia and its Challenge for Europe, was held by UCC at Jurys Hotel, Western Rd, Cork on 14th November 2008. The aim of the conference was to bring together academics from Asia and Europe with representatives from Irish government and business.

The Lord Mayor of Cork, Mr Brian Bermingham along with UCC President, Dr Michael Murphy officiated at the Opening Ceremony followed by Micheál Martin, TD, Minister for Foreign Affairs who delivered the Keynote Address. Ambassadors from several Asian countries (People’s Republic of China, India, Japan, South Korea, and Malaysia) then participated in a roundtable discussion titled “Ireland in Asia during Challenging Times” and chaired by Dr Tom Hardiman, member of the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) Board of Governors.

In the afternoon, two panel discussions comprising figures from the worlds of academia, business and journalism were carried out. The first panel, chaired by Professor Paul Giller, Registrar and Vice-President for Academic Affairs, UCC focused on “30 Years of Reform in China”. Participants included Prof Kjeld Erik Brodsgaard, Asia Centre, Copenhagen Business School, Professor Gary Liu, China Europe International Business School, Shanghai, Dr Paul Gillespie, Foreign Policy Editor, the Irish Times, Professor Louis Brennan, Trinity College Dublin, Dr Damien Tobin, S.O.A.S., London and Dr Chris Connolly, IICS, UCC.

Panel II, chaired by Mr. Peter Ryan, the Director of Intellectual Exchange, ASEF, Singapore, discussed “The Economics of Asia’s Rise” with participants Professor Badar Alam Iqbal, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh (UP), India, Professor Yeoh Koh Kheng, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Dr Joern-Carsten Gottwald, IICS, UCC and Professor Bernadette Andreosso-O’Callaghan, University of Limerick.

ASIA 2008

Conference Archive

Conference Archive