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Director of IIKS Dr Kevin Cawley

Director of IIKS Dr Kevin Cawley


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Dr Kevin N. Cawley - Director of the Irish Institute of Korean Studies

Dr Kevin N. Cawley joined the UCC School of Asian Studies in September 2011 as the Director of the Irish Institute of Korean Studies. He is the first lecturer in Korean Studies ever on the entire island of Ireland and has been very active promoting Korean Studies in Ireland in general, and in UCC in particular. He is also the founding and managing editor of the Irish Journal of Asian Studies.

Dr Cawley is originally from Co. Armagh in Ireland, and completed his undergraduate degree at Trinity College Dublin in French and Irish. He has lived in Korea for several years, and obtained a Masters (with distinction) and PhD in Korean Studies from the School of East Asian Studies (SEAS) at the University of Sheffield, where his dissertation was supervised by the renowned Koreanist, Professor James Huntley Grayson, author of Korea - A Religious History. During his time in Sheffield he also worked as an interpreter for North Korean refugees.

He has been the recipient of several prestigious awards, including the Korea Foundation Fellowship and the British Association for Korean Studies (BAKS) Scholarship. He returned to Ireland having completed a research fellowship at the Kyujanggak - Institute for Korean Studies at Seoul National University (SNU) - South Korea's premier university, where he primarily researched Korean philosophical texts written in Classical Chinese.

Dr Cawley hopes to develop and expand Korean Studies even further in UCC, and to encourage students taking Asian Studies programs to discover the rich history and culture of Korea, which shares more than a few similarities with Ireland. Dr Cawley lectures in Korean Religious and Philosophical Traditions, as well as Korean Contemporary Society and Korean History. He also coordinates a series of Korean Language classes for undergraduate and postgraduate students, as well as very popular Korean language evening classes.

He has been a regular contributor to the Korea Times newspaper in South Korea, and is also frequently interviewed in regards to Korean affairs on TV, radio and other newspapers.

Ms Shim Youngbo - Korean language instructor

Ms Shim's position is funded by The Korea Foundation (KF): 

Korea Foundation Information:


Dr Kevin N. Cawley is leading the Irish Institute of Korean Studies, supported by the generous funding of the Academy of Korean Studies in South Korea.

The objectives of the Irish Institute of Korean Studies are:


-    To teach the language, history, economics, politics, and culture of Korea in Ireland.


-    To promote mutual understanding between the peoples of Ireland and Korea.


-    To contribute to the teaching and research capacity of the School of Asian Studies at UCC.


-    To facilitate staff and student exchange between UCC and other Irish universities, and partner institutions in Korea.


-    To encourage and develop research areas of mutual interest and benefit to Ireland and Korea.


-    To increase awareness of Korean society and culture among the general public in Ireland.


-    To develop adult continuous education courses in the Korean language and other Korea-related topics.


-    To facilitate co-operation and contact between Korean and Irish business and commerce.

One Asia Foundation Lecture Series

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Doing Business with KOREA - 2017 Workshop

Doing Business with KOREA - 2017 Workshop



Facts about Korea

Facts about Korea

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