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The 3rd Shanghai University Confucius Institutes Joint Conference was successfully held in University College Cork on May 3rd, 2013. Hosted by Mr. Yongbin Xia, and Prof. Hong Fan from the UCC Confucius Institute, this event was well attended by distinguished representatives from Shanghai University and four Confucius Institutes cooperated by Shanghai University. They were Prof. Ximing Yao from the College of International Exchange at Shanghai University, Prof. Xiaolan Chen, Dean of the Department of Chinese Language and Literature from the College of Liberal Art at Shanghai University, Prof. Huajing Xiu from the University of Kentucky Confucius Institute in the United States, Prof. Xinling Zhang from the Prince of Songkla University Confucius Institute in Thailand and Prof. Fuguang Miao from Bo?aziçi University Confucius Institute in Turkey.

Mr. Trevor Holmes from UCC delivered a welcome speech at the beginning of the event. Mr. Xia gave a presentation of summarising accomplishments since last September and the plan for the future, including putting a Chinese course into the Junior Cycle program for the next half year. Prof. Paul Giller, Deputy President of UCC, also attended this event and spoke highly of the UCC Confucius Institute. He emphasized that UCC would continue to consistently support and help the Confucius Institute.

This joint conference was aimed at addressing the following issues:

1. Assessments for Chinese Programs and Teaching Results.

2. Management of Chinese Teachers and Volunteer Teachers.

3. Administrative and Financial System of Confucius System.

4. Relationship between Shanghai University and Four Co-organizer Universities.

5. Cooperation between the Four Confucius Institutes.

Directors from the four Confucius Institutes introduced their localized working practices. The conclusion was drawn that a unified standard for Chinese language assessment should be built in the future. Quality of Chinese language teaching and interests of students should be kept. While the promotion of Chinese language and culture has been running smoothly, an increasing number of teachers and volunteer teachers have challenged the management. Rules and regulations are urgently required to deal with this issue. The mobility of staff not only requires the management of teachers, but also demands transparency and standardisation of the financial system. Visits and communication between these four Confucius Institutes should be on a regular basis for a bright future and further development.

At the end of the conference, Prof. Paul Giller hoped that a seminar could be applied for from HANBAN to ensure a regular exchange among the relevant parties involved. Co-operating programs, like lectures and studying abroad, would also be discussed in such regular seminars.

In the afternoon, Mr. Yongbin Xia, Prof. Hong Fan and other representatives had a tea party in Prof. Paul Giller’s office. They then visited the Cork City Hall together.

This joint conference was a great success. As a gateway for Chinese culture and language, the UCC Confucius Institute has played an pivotal role in this country. In the meantime, the UCC Confucius Institute has already made an important contribution to all the activities on Chinese culture, technology and economy in Cork City. All the representatives expressed that they would follow these agreed opinions and look forward a further cooperation in the future.




会议由科克大学Trevor Holmes先生的欢迎辞拉开了序幕,Trevor Holmes先生向各位来宾介绍了科克大学的历史与学术精神,并对大家的来访表示了热烈的欢迎。欢迎辞后,夏永滨院长向大家分发了科克大学孔子学院的工作记录手册,首先向大家介绍了科克大学孔子学院从2012年9月至今半年以来的工作情况,并对下一年度科克大学孔子学院将要致力于把汉语课纳入爱尔兰Junior Cycle教学体系进行了介绍与展望。随后,科克大学副校长Paul Giller先生也一同参加了本次会议。Paul Giller先生对科克大学孔子学院的杰出工作表现表示了感谢,并表示会一如既往支持和配合孔子学院的工作。



会议的最后,科克大学副校长Paul Giller先生希望大家向汉办申请研讨会,以加强各方之间的交流与联系。孔院的各方院长也希望除了进行汉语推广经验的交流,四所孔院能够通过联席会议、研讨会等形式进一步加强和推广讲学、留学等合作项目的发展。

联席会议结束后,四所孔院的中外方院长、上海大学姚喜明院长、陈晓兰主任以及科克大学副校长Paul Giller先生在科克大学主楼门口进行了合影留念。下午,夏永滨院长、凡红院长又代领另外三所孔院的院长、上海大学代表姚喜明院长和陈晓兰主任前往科克大学校长办公室拜访了科克大学副校长Paul Giller先生,在富有爱尔兰城堡特色的校长办公室中进行了传统的爱尔兰茶话会谈。会谈结束后,各方代表又一同前往科克市市政厅进行了访问。


The 6th “Chinese Bridge” Chinese Proficiency Competition for Secondary School Students in Ireland was Successfully held in Cork 1st June 2013.

Organized by the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Ireland and the UCC Confucius Institute, the 6th “Chinese Bridge” Chinese Proficiency Competition for Secondary School Students in Ireland was successfully held in Mayfield Community School in Cork on June 1st 2013. 21 contestants from Ireland took part in the competition. In attendance was Xiaochuang Wu, Secretary of the Education Section of the Chinese Embassy in Ireland. Other distinguished guests were: Ms. Marian, Senator of Cork City Council; Mr. Tony Walsh, Princpal of Mayfield Community School; Professor Fan Hong, Dean of UCC Confucius Institute; Mr. Yongbin Xia, Dean of UCC Confucius Institute. Dr. Zhouxiang Lv from NUI Maynooth, Dr. Qi Zhang from UCD, Ms. Xiangyi Liu, Mr. Xu Lin and Dr. Daniele Massaccesi from UCC were invited to attend the competition as judges.

The competition was divided into three sections: mini-speech, talent show and quiz. Contestants were required to deliver a one-minute presentation, including a self-introduction and speech on their selected topic. In the first section, many contestants spoke impressively about Chinese language and culture, reflecting their own opinion and experience on learning Chinese. In the talent show part, the audience was surprised by the contestants’ wonderful performances, such as playing a Chinese song on Western instruments and reading Chinese poetry. A girl sang one of Faye Wong’s Chinese pop songs and another boy talked about his bittersweet memory of learning Chinese. One contestant performed tai chi and won rapturous applause. The quiz was aimed at the contestants’ knowledge of general Chinese culture. Kirean from Confey Community College told the journalist that “It’s really interesting!” Parents also spoke highly of the contestants’ performance.

One group-prize, four third-place prizes, two runners-up prizes and one first-prize will be awarded. The winners will be selected to participate in the World Chinese Bridge Contest in October 2013 in Yunnan, China.

This competition shows the level of Chinese language among Irish secondary school students and their enthusiasm for Chinese culture. All the contestants learned a lot from Chinese Bridge. We sincerely hope that they will become bridges of friendship connecting China and Ireland in the future.



当地时间2013年6月1日下午,由中国驻爱尔兰大使馆主办,科克大学孔子学院承办之第六届世界中学生汉语桥比赛(爱尔兰赛区)在科克市Mayfield Community School 举行。21名来自爱尔兰全国各地的中学生们参加了此次比赛。中国驻爱尔兰大使馆代表吴晓创先生,科克市政府议员Marian女士,Mayfield Community School校长Tony Walsh, UCC孔院外方院长凡红,中方院长夏永滨,到现场出席了此次比赛。来自NUI Maynooth 的吕洲翔博士,UCD的张琦博士、刘湘忆老师、林旭老师和UCC的DANIELE担任本次比赛的评委。

本次比赛分为三个环节:演讲、才艺展示和文化知识测试。在演讲环节,参赛选手们自信地展示了他们的汉语口语水平,同时表达了自己对中华文化的理解,介绍家人、兴趣和学习中文的感悟。才艺展示是本次比赛的亮点,选手们各显神通,用自己的方式表达对中国和中文的喜爱。有人用西洋乐器演绎中国乐曲,趣意横生,耳目一新,有人唱中文歌、朗诵中文诗歌,有人畅谈了学习汉语的“酸甜苦辣”,有人打太极拳等等。内容紧张不失丰富,选手严谨不失生动。出场的形式也较多样化,或单独表演,或小组表演,选手们都发挥出了应有的水平。文化知识的小测试意图在于测试选手们的中华文化知识水平。记者采访了来自Confey Community College的Kirean,他说“很有意思!”比赛还为现场亲友团们设置了中华文化有奖知识竞答环节,家长们积极参与,气氛活跃。家长们说,他们对孩子们的表现非常满意,同时也希望自己对中国文化有更多的了解。



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