One Asia Foundation Award 2018 for Asian Studies at UCC.

7 Mar 2018

Dr Kevin Cawley, Head of the department of Asian Studies and currently Visiting Scholar at the University of Oxford, was awarded a further $40,000.00 by the One Asia Foundation to develop Asian Studies at UCC, having previously been awarded $50,000.00 last year.

UCC currently offers the only BA and MA degrees in Asian Studies on the entire island of Ireland, where students can also study Chinese, Korean and Japanese.

The funding was based on Dr Cawley’s proposal for a course on transcultural interactions between different countries in Asia.

This course will greatly benefit students, as well as highlight and promote the discipline of Asian Studies at UCC. It is open to our BA and MA students, as well as visiting and international students, encouraging them to consider Asia in a more comprehensive manner, as a continent where interactions between countries have been central to the cross-fertilization of many different ideas and cultures, which connects them through deeply intellectual traditions.

Department of Asian Studies

Staidéar Áiseach

3rd Floor, O'Rahilly Building, University College Cork, Cork, Ireland.