Dr. Till Weingärtner Awarded Prestigious JaDe-Prize

4 May 2016
Dr. Till Weingärtner and Prof. Werner Pascha, chairman of the JaDe Foundation

Dr. Till Weingärtner, lecturer at the school of Asian Studies, was awarded the JaDe-Prize, one of the most prestigious prizes awarded in the field of Japanese-German relations.

“The JaDe-Prize 2016 was awarded to Dr. Till Weingärtner, a lecturer at University College Cork. Dr. Weingärtner has engaged with Japanese humour in both an academic and practical setting. By doing so, he has increased awareness of worthy topics that have previously received very little attention, such as the comedic monologue rakugo and its dialogue form of manzai, both of which are extremely popular forms of humour in Japan. His work has captured the attention of many people and led to the evolution of new circles of interest. His PhD thesis “Comedy-Boom in Japan”, which was submitted to Freie Universität Berlin in 2012, provides fascinating insights into the popularity of comedy in Japan and presents complex topics in a comprehensible and interesting manner. What is particularly impressive, is the infectious way in which Till Weingärtner shares his enthusiasm for his field of practice, be it through performing as part of a manzai duo with a Japanese colleague during his time in Japan, delivering his own rakugo performances in Germany, or organising seminars and shows through which notable Japanese performers and guests can share their art with European audiences. Till Weingärtner has delivered a fresh approach to Japanese humour, representing a new generation engaging in bilateral relations, that successfully bridges theory and practice."
(Official announcement of the JaDe Foundation)  

Dr. Till Weingärtner received the JaDe-Prize 2016 award at a special award ceremony that was held on the 22nd February 2016 at the Japanese Cultural Institute in Cologne. After the ceremony, he performed two rakugo routines: the famous pieces Time-Noodles and The Zoo.

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