Our Students in China

Our Students In China

Chinese Studies offers many degree/diploma programs in both undergraduate and postgraduate studies. Most of these programs require students to study in China to enhance their ability in spoken and written Chinese language and also improve their knowledge of Chinese culture, politics, and business. The required duration ranges from 3 months to one year. This page is specially designed to report the news about our students who are currently studying in China, which will give us a glimpse of their activities and experiences.

After 2 years study at UCC, the students who take the 4-year pathway will study in China in their third year. In the fourth year, students will come back to UCC. The first group of inaugural BA degree students began their one-year study in Shanghai University and South China Normal University in September 2008.

Rugby 7s For All 2010

Rugby 7s For All 2010 and Seoul Trip

By  Sarah-Jane Aughney


The rugby 7s For All 2010 took place in Shanghai on May 15th. A number of teams from China and one from Korea travelled to Shanghai to compete in the games.


The relatively new competition saw beginner teams competed against each other for the title. After three months of intense training sessions every Saturday, my team, The Shanghai Sharks led by our captain, Andrea and coach, Laura stepped onto the pitch. After 3 out of 3 wins, the final kicked off. After two 7 minute halves, we were crowned the Rugby 7's For All Champions. Saturday night we celebrated with our fellow rugby teams in fancy dress.


The Rugby 7s For All competition was a brilliant experience. I got to meet rugby players from all over China and play a game I love.


A week later, we travelled over to Seoul in South Korea. There, we played against Seoul’s A team, the Seoul Sisters where we were victorious.


The Shanghai Sharks is made up of a great bunch of rugby players. Our coach Laura has trained us hard over the past few months. Our captains Claire and Andrea inspired us with their words and encouraged us all of the way as well as every one of the girls on the team.

Trip to Chengdu, Sichuan.

1st-4th February 2010

Sarah Aughney, Ruth Doran, Katie Joyce, Niamh Leonard and Asako Suzuki.


On the 1st of February we travelled down to Chengdu, a place situated in Sichuan Province. It was us five UCC students who went: Asako, Katie, Niamh, Sarah and Ruth. We managed to get reasonably priced flights to Chengdu for that week so we decided to take advantage of it and head down to do some touring over the holiday period.  We arrived in Chengdu just before lunch time and were greeted at the airport by Lu Laoshi who helped us to the car with our luggage. As we drove into the city from the airport, we stopped at a large Chinese restaurant where we met Min Laoshi’s Father and ate lunch with him. The lunch consisted of some typical Sichuan foods including fish, frogs legs and various other meats. Dishes were also ordered for Katie, who is a vegetarian, so she too also had a variety of dishes to sample. After a fantastic lunch, we reached the point where we could not eat any more and Min Laoshi’s Father left us in Lu Laoshi’s hands who brought us to Chengdu Sports University where we were staying. He showed us around the campus of the Chengdu Sports University. We watched some of the students practicing ballet, gymnastics, Wushu etc. There were also alot of students playing basketball outside. After wandering around the campus, Lu Laoshi brought us into the City Center to experience some local life. We visited Kuan Xianzi Street and strolled through other nearby streets, looking at all the tea shops dotted around. We then visited one of the Tea shops to have a taste. We sat drinking Oolong Tea after a performance of ‘tea pouring’ at the shop. While sitting there we also tried some street snacks which were different from anything we had tasted before. After this we went to the Wangfujing area and we got dinner there. After taking some photos there, we walked around some more taking in the big shopping area. We headed back to our accommodation then to relax and have a good night’s rest in preparation for the early morning start the next day.

On day 2 we got up early to go and visit the Panda Reserve Center. We had to get there early because after the pandas eat their breakfast they fall asleep… We all took lots of pictures of the adult pandas before we came across the baby pandas. There were three baby pandas about 5 months old. We spent ages just watching them as they provided a lot more entertainment than the adults but that may be because they moved a lot more. We went for lunch after spending a few hours in the panda reserve. After lunch we went to the Wenshu Temple and walked around there leaving incense at the shrines and taking pictures. We then walked around the surrounding area and did some shopping and picked up some souvenirs. We filled up on doughnuts on a sticks and the beautiful surrounding scenery before meeting Lu Laoshi again to eat a vegetarian dinner in the vegetarian restaurant located inside the temple. It was a really nice meal and it gave us all a chance to try some different vegetarian food such as fish made out of potato. We had another early night that night as we were being picked up at 6 the next morning to go visit Leshan and Emei Shan.

Day 3 arrived and our first stop was Leshan where we walked to the top of the cliff and looked down on Dafo; Dafo is the actual name of the 71 meters tall Buddha. We soon began our climb down the ‘path of nine turns’ to the bottom and as we descended, took plenty of photos looking up to the top of Dafo which proved to be somewhat difficult given the Buddha’s sheer size! After taking some photos we climbed back up the steps to the top and got a tour around the various temples.


Following an early lunch, we went to Emei Shan. We drove part of the way up the mountain and then a cable car took us up the rest of the way, to one of the temples. After looking around, we began to climb down. We had a guide with us who was telling us all about the area. We continued our climb down and as we did, took in all the beautiful sights. We reached a point on the track where there were lots of mischievous monkeys on the prowl for a bit of food. We were walking along when we were suddenly jumped up on by the monkeys, who went through our pockets to try and find food. However, they lost interest pretty quick after soon realizing that we had in fact no food! We continued walking down the mountain until we reached our car. The entire walk was about 10km long so by the time we got to the bottom, we were all very tired but ready for a good meal. We got food just before we started our journey back to our accommodation. Exhausted after the day’s events, we decided on yet another early night.

On our last day, we only had the morning to wander around the area that we were staying in. We went to Jinli Street and walked around, picking up some last minute souvenirs to bring back with us. After all the looking and buying, we managed to squeeze in a cup of coffee in a Starbucks that was themed like a typical Chinese tea house. We then visited the Wuhou Temple and took some pictures there before meeting Lu Laoshi for lunch. We went for Sichuan Hot Pot for lunch which was delicious. It was our first time trying proper Hot Pot in China. After lunch we were brought to the airport just in time to catch our flight back to Shanghai.


We all had a fantastic trip to Chengdu and are grateful for having a  chance to go. We would like to say thanks to our guide, Lu Laoshi for showing us around and driving us to all the various tourist spots and for giving us a taste of Sichuan life. We would also like to thank Min laoshi’s father for having us stay in Chengdu Sports University accommodation. And of course, we owe a huge thank you to Min Laoshi for organizing our trip to Chengdu as we would not have been able to see and do as much as we did without his help.

Performances In Shanghai to show Irish Culture

Ruth Doran

3rd year Chinese Studies

11th Jan 2009

During our time in Shangahi we have had so many great opportunities to do lots of new things. One thing that were got involved in was doing performances to show the Chinese people some cultural aspects from Ireland including some Irish Dancing, Irish Language, and Irish Music.


When we arrived in Shanghai, we first went to the Yanchang campus part of the Shanghai University complex and Professor Zhang one of the lecturers in Shanghai University who knows one of our lecturers in UCC introduced himself to us and took our names and phones numbers to keep in contact with us and asked us to take part in a performance for a community in the Pudong community on the 12th of Sept to show something of Ireland and something to do with the Irish culture, although we were all a bit hesitant at first we then decided to throw ourselves into it. We began to prepare an Irish poem and accompany it with a piece of music on the tin whistle, one of the girls Katie got in touch with her Irish lecturer in Cork to see if he had an suggestions of poems that work well with music accompanying them, he replied with a list and we decided to perform the poem “Cill Chais” Sarah, Katie and myself would read the poem and Niamh would accompany the poem playing the tin whistle. We went to the community where we would be performing and watched the acts before us as they danced or sang on the stage, we were then called up to give our performance. We went up on stage and read the poem to huge applause as everyone seemed to really enjoy our performance and the insight into the Irish culture. After the performance we were asked to go up on stage as accept an award which we gave to the college. We had many people coming up to us after the performance to congratulate us and thank us for coming to perform in front of their community. Returning to the campus Professor Zhang told us that we had performed in front of over 1000 people that evening.


The following weekend we got invited to go on a cultural trip to celebrate the Tourism Festival in Shanghai. We visited some communities in the city center and also spent some time in a Chinese Families home, as there were so many different nationalities in the apartment we all got asked to give a performance from our home country. Two Thai girls performed a traditional Thai dance as Niamh, Sarah, Katie and I were all in the same apartment we decided to do an Irish dance. We performed the Walls of Limerick then after doing a repeat of that twice Sarah and I stepped out and got the Chinese couples house which we were visiting to join in and began to teach then the basics of Irish Dancing. It was all great fun and everyone had a great laugh learning all the steps. After we left their home we were brought into the city center to see the Parade to celebrate the opening of the Tourism Festival. We were due to perform that night also. As we waited to be called for our performance we watched all the other performances which included Chinese Dances and Comedy routines and also other students from the university from Turkmenistan doing a traditional dance from their country. We were up after the and as the tune of “I’ll Tell Me Ma began to play we got dancing after repeating the dance 3 times we got volunters up on to the stage the volunteers included Chinese people, Americans, Turkmenistanis and Thai to learn some basic steps and to dance along side us up on stage. It was a hugely sucessful night and everyone enjoyed themsleves.

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Our Students in China Archive

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