About the Department

About the Department

About the Department

The Department of Asian Studies at UCC is the only department dedicated to Asian Studies as an academic discipline on the entire island of Ireland.  Its staff engages in a broad variety of research relating to various aspects of societies, cultures, business, languages and the arts across the wider Asian region, with a particular focus on China, Korea and Japan.

It is unique in Ireland, providing the only BA and MA Degrees in Asian Studies, as well as the only department offering Chinese, Korean and Japanese language education at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

The department established the Irish Association for Asian Studies (https://irishassociationforasianstudies.wordpress.com) and the Irish Journal of Asian Studies (https://irishjournalofasianstudies.org). Both initiatives promote Asian Studies in Ireland, and help to advance research through the critical and analytical study of Asia and Asia-related topics by providing a forum for scholarly activity. They also foster a variety of academic activities, such as conferences, seminars, workshops and publications.





Department of Asian Studies

Staidéar Áiseach

3rd Floor, O'Rahilly Building, University College Cork, Cork, Ireland.