Why the Asian Route?

Why the Asian Route?

Asia, the birthplace of some of the oldest civilizations, is the fastest growing economic centre in the world and home to half the world's population.

The 21st century has been dubbed the "Asian century" because of the rapidly rising economic, cultural and political importance on the world stage of Asian countries, yet in Ireland our knowledge and understanding of this vast area is generally lacking.

The need for people to acquire a deep understanding of Asian societies, languages, politics and economy is increasingly important. Asia offers students a vast array of social and cultural diversity that concerns hundreds of distinct languages, dialects and cultural traditions. Understanding an Asian language is of massive benefit to anyone intending to build a relationship with an understanding of the region. Studying Asia opens doors to magnificent new worlds and is a major step in preparing oneself for the challenges of the 21st century.

Studying Asia provides more than just a means of communication; it is the starting point for a long, personal journey and an acknowledgement of a potentially life-long commitment to new opportunities.

Graduate Stories

Occupations associated with a qualification in Asian Studies:

A qualification in Asian Studies is an excellent qualification to prepare you for a diverse range of professional fields.

Possible careers include:

  • Business and financial project management professionals
  • Buyers and procurement officers
  • Conference and exhibition managers and organisers
  • Customer service occupations
  • Human resources administrative occupations
  • International student recruitment officers
  • Marketing and sales professionals
  • Officers of non-governmental organisations
  • Public relations professionals
  • Teaching and other educational professionals 
  • Translators
  • University researchers -Pursue studies further and register to do a PhD

What are our graduates doing?

study Asian business postgraduate masters degree at university college cork

Shaun Gavigan completed his postgraduate studies at UCC's Department of Asian Studies in 2014. 

Shaun writes: The programme gave me the opportunity to gain excellent insights into various aspects of the history and culture of several Asian countries. As well as this, I also got the opportunity to study the Korean language, something that I was most interested in and will continue to pursue in the future.

Following my time in Cork, I moved to Singapore where I worked with IDA Ireland before taking up a position with the International non-profit organization the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF), also based in Singapore.  In my time with ASEF, I helped the Political and Economic Department develop its flagship publication (ASEF Outlook Report 2014/15) and organized high-profile seminars and conference in Beijing, Tokyo, Milan and Brussels.

In 2015, I returned to Ireland to take up the position of E.U. Grants Manager at the Insight Centre for Data Analytics based at UCC. In this position I am helping to develop the Centre’s Horizon 2020 strategy and am working closely with researchers to support their efforts to win ambitious funding targets.