Our Teaching & Covid-19

We are committed to providing a high quality educational experience with as much face-to-face time as possible. To comply with government guidelines, but also to ensure the safety of both students and staff, the majority of our modules will be delivered in a blended fashion in 2020-2021. In other words, students will be offered online learning (live online events and/or pre-made online content) as well as on-campus learning (in-person sessions at UCC). How each module will be delivered, however, depends on the class size and, of course, on public health guidelines.

Incoming students

Students in First Arts attending HA1001 will be offered three lectures per week in the Kane Building, room G02. This will take the form of blended teaching (that is, face-to-face and online). Attendance at face-to-face lectures will be staggered, with rotas being put in place as soon as registration has been finalised. Lecture content will be available online via Canvas. A weekly tutorial hour will also be arranged for every first-year student, and we plan to deliver all first-year tutorials face-to-face on campus.

First meeting of HA1001: Monday 28 September at 1.00 pm in Kane Building, room G02.

HA1001 lecture times: Monday, 13:00-14:00; Tuesday, 17:00-18:00; Thursday, 17:00-18:00.

Location of HA1001 lectures: Kane Building, room G02.

Returning students

Returning students entering either Second Arts or Final Arts will be offered as much on-campus and face-to-face teaching as possible in the current circumstances. How we deliver our teaching will be contingent on public health advice.

Second Arts: the first meeting will take place on Monday 28 September at 4.00 pm in West Wing 5. For lecture times of all modules on offer, please see here.

Final Arts: the first meeting will take place on Tuesday 29 September at 9.00 am in West Wing 5. For lecture times of all modules on offer, please see here.

Need more help?

  • For queries about First Arts (HA1001), please contact Dr Flavio Boggi at f.boggi@ucc.ie 
  • For queries about Second Arts, please contact Dr Simon Knowles at s.knowles@ucc.ie 

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