Incoming Students

Guidelines for Students


  • Put on your mask before you enter the building.
  • Use your UCC Student ID card to log your entry to the building.
  • If you forget your student ID card sign the visitors book.
  • Sanitise your hands at the hand sanitiser station.
  • Make sure the contact tracing is active on your Covid tracker app.
  • If you are unsure about your timetable ask your Year Co-ordinator Orla McKeever at
  • Follow the directions of CCAE and Neylons Staff

We are keen to return to the operation of design studios as the primary means of learning and developing design skills. For this reason, we wish to operate the CCAE programme, as much as possible, within shared spaces with the potential for peer group learning.  In order not to compromise the efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we will divide each student cohort into half-cohorts, or smaller groups.  

You will be allocated to a numbered workstation, with a corresponding numbered locker.  The same number will be used for chairs in the expanded Lecture room created by combining LR1 and LR2 on the ground floor in order to provide enough space for 2 metre distancing between seats.  Seats should be kept in these spaced positions, and you should use the same numbered seat each time you attend a lecture. 

During the COVID-19 epidemic, your access to the CCAE building is temporarily restricted to 

  1. Lecture Room 1+2 on ground floor, but only during scheduled lecture times, and at your numbered seat (same number as your studio workstation. 
  2. Your numbered workstation in your Year Studio, but only during scheduled studio access periods for your Studio Group (‘A’ or ‘B’). 
  3. Tutorial desks for scheduled meetings with teaching staff.
  4. Model-making Workshop: refer to instructions from Aoife Browne who is in charge of these facilities. 
  5. Atrium Eating Area may be used for packed lunches, only during the time allotted to your studio group, and only when a seat is free in the round-table zone.
  6. The student kitchen microwave and fridge facilities are closed until further notice.  
  7. Visits to other common, shared spaces will be timetabled by staff (e.g. photography, design reviews).  
  8. Computers-1: the preferred option is for students to bring their own laptops into the studio where WiFi is available.
  9. Computer-2: because it is not possible to adequately decontaminate computer keyboards shared by different users, the open access computers have had the keyboards removed for the start of the semester. They can be accessed only if students bring their own bluetooth keyboards with integrated trackpads. 
  10. Architecture Library (accessed in accordance with guidance issued by CIT School of Music Library staff). 

Centre for Architectural Education

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